Find out what are the main targets used for sports shooting.

For lovers of shooting sports, choosing the ideal target for the sport can be a challenge. With the popularity of the practice, different targets to practice shooting appear on the market and each day it becomes more complex to select the ideal.

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Therefore, this article talks about the main targets for training shots used in clubs, as well as alternative options for those who like a different experience than usual. Check out!

Paper targets

One of the most popular among sports lovers, one of the targets used for sports shooting is paper. It is literally a paper, which can be glued to a larger object or hung from the ceiling. Some are made of thicker cardboard.

One of the disadvantages is that it is always necessary to change it, it is not as durable as those made of other materials, but it is very cheap to replace. The other is that it is practically impossible to see the hole made by shooting from long distances.


Another type of target for shooting practice that is also considered in the paper category is the one made of cardboard. It is thicker and allows you to see better over long distances. Some manufacturers even make animal silhouettes in addition to the traditional punctuated circle.

This model is also not as resistant, but it is more than simple paper ones.


Among the types of targets for shooting practice, a favorite of snipers is the reactive. The base of this one is also made of cardboard, but the big difference is in the “reward” of the shooter after hitting him. He “reacts” to being hit – hence the name.

Because it has a layer of fluorescent paint, every time the paint is “leaked” and highlights the hole. This is one of the reasons that this is one of the main targets for training long-range shooting.

Metal Targets

The metal targets are among the main targets for training shooting essentially because of the tinkling caused by the hit of the bullet in the metal. Snipers tend to like this sound a lot and, therefore, many prefer this model. One advantage is the durability of this material, which will possibly take some time to be replaced. It is common to use in the practice of shooting sports.