Slow Carb Diet Rules

Some important Slow Carb Diet Rules

Let us first see what a slow-carb diet is. Slow-carb diet is a diet from the book “The 4-Hour Body” which is written by Tim Ferris. Slow-carb diet is on simple basic rule eat only which has fat and which is healthy with full of proteins. This diet is something where you can eat and lose weight but eat only what is allowed in this diet. You can make your own tasty recipes easily with the items you can eat. It is been studied that losing weight is dependent 80% on what you eat and only 20% on your exercise. The best part of this diet is that you have a cheat day so you can enjoy what you love to eat on that cheat day. What else would anyone dream of, losing weight and eating is a blessing.

Slow Carb Diet Rules

Foods products you can eat

Poultry products and Lean Meat

Protein is very important in a slow-carb diet and poultry is where you get lots of protein. you should include chicken, beef and pork in your meals.


Beans are a big source of protein which is also easily available. Eat Lentils and all types of beans.


You can eat seafood in a slow carb diet.


You should eat as many vegetables as you can especially all green vegetables. Not only green leafy vegetables green color vegetables also you can eat. You can eat Broccoli, Green Peas, Spinach, cauliflower, etc.

Nuts & Hummus

You can eat nuts and hummus in a moderate quantity. Eat a very limited amount of nuts.

Coffee & Tea

You can have black Coffee and Tea but don’t add milk or cream to it.

Almond Milk

You can have almond milk once in a while.

Tomatoes and Avocados

You can have these both at a moderate limit.

Food Products you are not allowed to eat

Any food item that has white carbs is strictly not allowed


The basic rule you have to keep in mind while following this diet is that no added sugar is allowed. Not only added sugar even fruits are not allowed.


No dairy products are allowed. No milk, cream, cheese, and yogurt you have to forget all these while you are in a slow carb diet.


No fruit is allowed. No apple no oranges no bananas no pears not even berries. The reason is fructose that is the natural sugar in fruits. The simple basic understanding is that high blood sugar and it becomes difficult to lose weight.

Soft Drinks with calories

All soft drinks have added sugar in it. Added sugar will make your weight loss not difficult and slow.

Tips to follow the diet

  • Eat as much proteins as you can.
  • Don’t worry about calories
  • Remember slow and steady wins the race so eat slowly
  • Eat salads with lots of vegetables

All about Cheat Day

Cheat day is one of the best days of the week in a slow carb diet. You can eat without worry. You can fulfill all your carvings on this day. Even sugar is allowed on cheat day. eat what you like.