There are many famous places to visit. But Detriot gives a tough competition to its neighbouring city’s int terms of destination. So, anyone looking for a tour I this city come with us and read the article.

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Corktown Detroit


It’s a famous food street destination. This has been started as an Irish immigrant but a tourist food hub. Lots of food eatery, top-rated restaurants, bars, coffee shops have turned this into a beautiful destination. So come over to this place to taste the local cuisines and give a treat to your taste buds.

Rivertown Detroit

Located near Jefferson Avenue is the most visited Rivertown spot. Visit this stunning place to capture the panoramic view of the Detroit River, Belle Isle and Canada from here. You have to stay for long hours to justify the beauty of the restaurants, beautiful parks, boats that ride and the lake view. The list is too, witness the uniqueness of this place by popping at this place.

Midtown Detroit

This being the best place to visit during the weekends.  Located near Wayne State University and side of most of Detroit’s hospitals, you will find plenty of roadside strolling activities. Also, look at the top-brand boutiques, theatres, craft beer restaurants and many more eatery shops.

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Greektown Detroit

If you are a party animal, then this place is definitely for you. This is the most populated are for visitors during the winter end season. Here you will find tons of bars, hotels, pubs for late-night activity. So, enjoy this place with your friends and have a blast while enjoying the drinks, explore the streets under the moonlight.

Mexicantown Detroit

This Detroit is the only place for the full authentic local cuisine, which you will not find anywhere else around the city. Famous for its spellbound taste, it’s the only place you need to go. Full of flavorful, mouth-watering affordable street foods are available here. Book any of the restaurants and be sure you won’t be disappointed here. Sit back and enjoy the flavoursome food with your loved ones.

Hamtramck Detroit

Need a bar galore in this city? So, you are in the right place. This Detroit is famous for the beer bars galore in Hamtramck. Enjoy the time with some yummy Polish tasty food from this area. Mostly visited during the late hours, this area welcomes the guests through its supreme and worldwide brand collections of beers.

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Indian Village/West Village

This place is known for the history and architecture buffs of Indian Village and West Village, making it worth watching.  These were designed by Detroit’s best architects, namely Albert Kahn. And now, some of the new houses are built by the Detroiters Edsel Ford and Bernard Stroh. Here you will adore the beauty of this village and its architect. Here you will find some bakeries and restaurants in the nearby area. The uniqueness of this place attracts most of the travellers here. So have a tour of this place which is worth watching!

Eastern Market

Looking for some wholesale market then visit this place which are flooded with people during the weekends.  Displaying the true culture of Detroit, this place becomes the hub centre of the city. Here you can go shopping, enjoy jazz music, eat around the famous eatery shops. If you want to acknowledge the life of the locals, do visit this place. The market area is full of diversity, fresh and yummy local food. In addition, one can see the artworks on the streets of this crowded market. You have to make an excuse to keep coming back to these attractive streets.

These were the famous tourist destination around the city. Enjoy the authenticity of this city while booking cheap flight tickets from Detroit.

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