Sana Safinaz is a shop that supplies different clothing collections. The designer of these clothes usually targets Indian and Muslim customers.

It is described as one of the prestigious clothing collections for the Palestinians since it uses distinguished fabric and provides beautiful designs to its customers. Some of the things you can shop from Sana Safinaz are:

  • Shoes
  • Accessories like Dupatta and bags
  • Ready clothes for wear in different designs
  • Unstitched fabric
  • Pants
  • Fragrances

This luxury clothing brand also focuses on providing tasteful, premium fabric and unique designs to its customers. Its original location is in Karachi. However, it would be best to shop for accessories and clothes from the House of Faiza website.

The Sana Safinaz shop has clothing designers for everyone, children, men, and women. Most people visit the shop to get clothes for different occasions, including eid and weddings. It also supplies accessories, beddings, cushions, and gift cards.

Accessing the Shop

You can access this shop through its website or by visiting its remote location in the UK. You do not need to worry about the differences in accessibility options! The website has different clothing categories; therefore, it would be easier to choose any design you wish to buy.

Accessing the website allows you to shop by category. It has sections for shopping by designer, menswear, womenswear, and children’s wear. This reduces the possibility of spending a lot of time searching for what you need.

The website shop also categorizes its products depending on the time of launching. The newest launched clothes would always have a separate section as new collections. You can also enjoy delivery services once you purchase any pieces from the shop.

It incorporates collections from different designers, and you can choose from any designer clothes to purchase depending on what interests you. It also holds clothing sale sessions to get rid of old designs while launching new clothing types in the market.

What are Some of the Collections in the Shop?

Jewelry collections

It offers jewelry collections designed in Indian, Pakistan, American diamond, and Bollywood styles. You could wear the jewelry collections with bridal or other celebratory designs. Some, like the Amanii Indian collection, are longer to cover the whole neck area. Gold and other stones design different jewelry.

Kurnool Clothing Collection

This collection fits different sizes from size four to seven. It is one of the favorite clothing designs from the Sana Safinaz shop because it has a relaxing hue.

Woven Collection

This is one of the latest collections in the shop. The designer describes this particular design as a representation of a woman’s grace. Many people believe that getting any design from the woven collection would bring out the colorfulness of a person.

Nura Festive Collection

This collection has unstitched fabric that can get designed into different styles. It includes jewel stones and light pastels fabric designs. These fabrics show embellishment with unique pearls, sequins, and threadworks.

Pastel Collection

This particular clothing design is a representation of elegance! It has interwoven fronts that make it unique. It also has bead tassels hand woven into the fabric.


The shop’s website offers quick and accessible services to customers. If you are interested in trending Pakistani fabric designs, you should consider buying some clothes from this shop.