A skull and skull jewellery such as men’s skull rings are the oldest and most powerful symbols mankind has ever known; so, it isn’t surprising that they’ve evolved to become a very famous fashion trend. Skull engagement rings, belly button rings, and other varying options are among these kinds of jewellery. For several years now, men have embraced the trend too. Unlike other varying accessories, they support men’s masculinity. The fact is that individuals wear them for totally varying reasons. While some are of the belief that wearing skull accessories can help in bringing good fortune and luck, others associate them with much deeper meanings.

Bravery and toughness

In Europe, all through the Elizabethan period, rings featuring ‘death’s head skull’ or a skull with no jaws reflected being accepted in the societal underworld. Inspired by skull jewellery’s symbolism during past centuries, modern-day motorcycle gangs, gun clubs, as well as other apparently rebellious groups frequently wear skull jewellery to indicate their membership. Even though sometimes, the rings for strong men are mistakenly related to danger, this kind of jewellery actually stands for bravery and toughness. Several members of these groups use skull jewellery as evidence of their courage when faced with adversity. Men also wear these rings to boost confidence, display inner strength and masculinity.

Celebration of life

During ancient times, certain civilizations like the Aztecs and the Egyptians took the skull to be a symbol that denoted the cycle of death and rebirth. This is actually among the foremost reasons why individuals order skull rings online. When getting ready for any ceremonies, several members of these civilizations would utilize real bones to pierce through parts of their skin and also to produce really attractive jewellery. The modern-day Mexican holiday that’s called Dios de los Muertos or the ‘Day of the Dead’ has embraced variations of these Aztec and Egyptian traditions in their celebrations. In addition, some individuals celebrate the past lives of their loved ones by wearing this kind of jewellery, which could be evidence for their belief in life after death. Skull accessories could also be used to represent the celebration of an individual’s own life or a representation of his transformation or rebirth.

Appeal and fashion

Several individuals that wear skull jewellery are just attracted to the fashion appeal offered by the products. Some men, as well as women, even buy designer options made with gold, gemstones, silver, or diamonds just to flaunt their expensive tastes. As there are several and varying underlying meanings associated with the skull, the global fashion industry has wholeheartedly embraced the amazing trend. The majority of manufacturers know that several ladies and guys can actually identify with the skull; thus, the fashion-based businesses keep on producing truly attractive jewellery that features the bold and powerful structure for truly costly prices.

Fashion icons, stars, as well as everyday individuals can certainly be seen pairing skull jewellery, such men’s skull rings, with their most favoured outfits and accessories. The skull’s flexibility in fashion is certainly apparent in modern day society. It’s among the most fashionable and attractive structures, but for certain individuals, it’s a lot more than only a bold accessory.