Drone news is always fascinating and you will be surprised to see that every few days there is some new advancement in drone technology, be it for commercial drones, military or toy drones. Today, there are drone models equipped with HD cams which can give you almost the same output as professional photography.

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5 Top Latest Drone Technologies

  1. The AirDog Drone: The AirDog drone may be controlled using a wristwatch, unlike drone models which can be maneuvered using apps on smartphones or radio controllers. This has a purple, yellow and black quad-style shape with a black controller for the wrist. It comes with a compact view screen and has left-right, up-down control buttons. This drone is mainly for people who are enthusiastic about action sports. The view screen is called AirLeash and this is ideally designed for climbers or hikers so that their hands are free to navigate through the wilderness. It is water-proof, lightweight, easy-to-use, and may be programmed to run on various flying patterns.
  2. 3DR Solo Drone: This has been manufactured by 3DRobotics and gives complete camera control. It comes in dark grey frame with 4 rotating blades and the cam gimbal is suspended from its base and protected by 4 “I”-shaped legs. This device guarantees a higher degree of control to the pilot as compared to other drones. It is capable of isolating camera movements from the drone’s actual movement. The device is powered by dual 1GHz Linux computer and it can work with all Hero4 cams. You can benefit from features like selectable flight modes, a Cable Cam for choosing two locations, Orbit Mode for choosing one location, a Follow Me function for letting it follow you, and a Selfie mode for photographing or taking video of yourself with it.
  3. The Parrot Bebop 2: This is a quad copter drone in a dark grey and white durable body made with ABS plastic and glass fiber, with 4 black arms ending in rotor blades. It has a built-in cam especially useful for amateur pilots keen to use the latest technologies. The camera comes with a 3 axis and can take 1080p footage in speeds exceeding 40 miles per hour. It is also equipped with many sensors, stabilizers and gyroscopes that keep it in balance no matter what the wind conditions are. This drone has a mobile app for both Android and iPhone users to allow them to watch live video streams.
  4. DJI Phantom 4: This drone model is one of the latest and made with a shiny white casing. There are two “D” shaped legs for landing and these protect the cam gimbal which hangs down from the bottom of its body. It is a best-selling toy drone and comes with automatic collision control, a Sports Mode for disabling collision detection to allow it to fly at even higher speeds and video-recording features. You may also like to read premium features of kore trak watch. The ActiveTrack technology allows the pilot to choose another moving object like another drone or car so that the Phantom 4 can follow it.
  5. Yuneec Typhoon H: This drone technology comes in a metallic dark grey quad style which a gimbal that has a camera attached to it. The landing legs in this model can actually lift up in the air so that the camera gets a clearer view for recording. This drone is a product of Yuneec International, a Chinese company, and is a Hexacopter with 6 rotors. This is beneficial because if any of them malfunction in flight, this drone can switch over to a 5-rotor mode. It comes with excellent video and image resolution, has a 3-axis and gimbal cam. It is capable of capturing 12-megapixel shots in any direction and can even live stream videos to a 7-inch screen inside the remote control.

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