Gaining something is a necessary process that involves consistency, zeal and innovation. It may be a slow one but you need to hold onto your horses and keep at it if you want to achieve what you are looking for. This is no different for gaining Instagram followers and through a convenient tool that the app offers you can get even more engagements on Instagram. Instagram stories provides a completely free and easy platform for you to engage with your followers on a professional or personal level.

You might be wondering we already have effective tools like posts, captions and hashtags to get us noticed, so why Instagram stories? Well, according to a new stat around half a billion people are tuning into Instagram stories every day, so why miss out on such an effective feature? Moreover, Instagram stories provide more of a lure to your followers as they know that the story will disappear in 24 hours and they just have to know what is going on. You also get more insight as to which of your fans are more active, as they have to click the story to view instead of just scrolling down on posts.

Instagram stories are the best way to build a relationship with your followers. You can give them sneaks peaks into what is coming, insights into your personal or professional life, ask their opinions or have them participate in small competitions. It helps you shape your Instagram your way and make the most of this platform. Here are some tips that you can use to get more engagements on Instagram through your stories and also grow in the process.

Always include Hashtags

This goes without that saying that on any social media platform hashtags are the key. You will appear in searches and people looking for specific content will find you. Finding the right hashtag is equally as important as you can only incorporate one into your story. For example, if you have gone on hike then use the hashtag #hike, if you have gone to an interesting place then using the hashtag #travel tc. Use hashtags that are relevant to your story. To know which hashtags will get you more audience just type your relevant topic in the search bar and you will find what you are looking for.

Create Interesting Stories

Make sure to form engaging and interesting stories that are sure to develop interest and grab attention of your audience. Take your time while doing this. No need to rush. Small video clips are perfect to get more engagements on Instagram and also have your followers spend more time on your stories.

Post Stories Regularly

Your followers should always have a new story of yours showing on their app. Post regularly, at least one or two stories a day. Don’t let your followers forget about you. Whether you have a business profile or personal one you always need to let your followers know that you are here. Moreover, you will be more visible on the explorer’s page where you can gain new followers as well. Don’t overdo things. Don’t post too much so that your followers just stop opening your stories.

Include the Location Tag

Using the location tag under the sticker’s menu is highly imperative and is often under appreciated. For example, you are offering services in a particular area and use that area’s location tag in your stories, you will automatically become visible to the people searching for that area. Or you have visited a place and use a location tag of that place, many random people will come across your profile for the very reason and may decide to stick around and follow you.

Intelligently Including the Mention Tag

You can give a shout out or mention someone in your stories by using the mention tag under the stickers tab. By doing this you will not only engage your audience but will also provide yourself the opportunity for your story to be reposted in that person’s story or timeline. You can feature up to 10 people in a story but make sure to use this feature intelligently as mentioning too many people too often may give your followers the wrong impression. Also make sure to tag only relevant persons in a story.

Use Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics allows you to keep track of your progress and learn more about your followers and the business. You can only use this tool if you have a business account. By showing you age, gender and location of your followers, it allows you to adjust your content according to these metrics and target specific groups. It also shows you which of your posts and stories your audience interacts with the most over the course of two weeks. Reach and impressions show the broad spectrum of the audience you are reaching and how they are interacting to your content.