If you are looking for internet marketing strategies especially the way to rank your sites high on search engine results, especially on Google, link building is a must. The key to staying on Google page #1 fast and for a long time is that we have to build the backlinks smartly!

Backlink Strategy #1 Social Bookmarking

The purpose of social bookmarking is to bookmark your site to various social bookmarking sites so that you can leave your backlinks there.

One of the good points about submitting your site to social bookmarking sites is that you can get indexed faster since search engine crawlers visit the bookmarking sites very frequent.

Some of the very  popular social marking sites are Digg, Delicious, Diigo.

To speed up the social bookmarking process, you can try a free service called Socialmarker.

Backlink Strategy #2 Article Marketing

I know article marketing is kind of back-breaking as it takes you lots of time to write and rewrite articles. Unarguably, the most tiring part of article marketing will be article submission.

To save time, many marketers tend to submit the same article to various article directories ignoring the risk of duplicate content disadvantage. In actuality, submitted duplicate articles can still be indexed and help build backlinks, but the quality of the backlinks will not be so valuable to Search engines.

If you want to build high-quality article backlinks, you’ll have to submit different unique articles to various directories. By doing so, the backlinks will last long so do your site rankings.

With major algorithm change in early 2011, Google values sites with unique and original content, so it implies that backlinks from unique articles like 123movies have a higher value. For more details, read Google blog here.

Now that you’ve learned that submitting unique articles to various directories is vitally important…

The problem is that it is very time-consuming to come up with so many articles for submission. Well, many successful marketers use UAW to help them finish the article marketing tasks without breaking a sweat.

Some marketers who are with relatively tighter budgets normally use their favorite article spinners to help them rewrite one original article to many new unique articles and submit the unique articles by using free semi-automated submission software such as Article Submitter.

Personally, my favorite article spinner is The Best Spinner. I have made full use of this tool to rewrite countless content and submit to various content directories and in turn, built myself thousands of quality backlinks through various content submissions.

My backlink building projects would not have been so smooth and effective without The Best Spinner.

Backlink Strategy #3 Blog Commenting

When it comes to blogging commenting, it may seem to be a boring job for many marketers because they find it hard to come up with good comments.

But, you must do this as it is a very important strategy that can help you build many quality backlinks by leaving comments at high PR blogs.

Backlink Strategy #4 Press Release Submission

To spread your backlinks all over the web like wildfire, you’ve got to try out press release submission.

Well, the idea is simple. You write a simple press release with backlinks pointing back to your website and submit it to various press release directories.

After submission, all you have to do is wait and see your backlinks spreading like crazy. Press release and submission are one of the very most ways to get your content syndicated fast.

These days, many Autoblog Softwares are hungry to grab content from press release directories. Once the Autoblog software sees your press release, they will republish it on their blogs with your backlinks intact.

In this way, you have your backlinks spread all over the web with different IP addresses. It will look natural to Google and many other search engines. They will just love your site very much and generously reward you with high search results rankings!

Just google online “free press release directories” and you can find many free directories for you to submit your press release to.

Backlink Strategy #5 Profile backlinks

Recently, profile backlink building is widely popular among internet marketers. It does have a certain positive effect on search result rankings. However, to see a significant result, the amount of profile backlinks is important.

Implementing these 5 strategies in your SEO effort and you’ll surely see the movement of the rankings of your site. Include these backlink building methods in your Internet marketing strategies that can take your website visibility to a whole new level.