There are different types of applications in the realm of android right? You can easily come across amazing apps that are fulfilling, useful and effective right? But have you ever exclusive apps that are rated above all in the current era? Have you ever tried to explore GB WhatsApp app?

Well, if you use Whatsapp, and you are pretty impressed with it; that is wonderful. But what if you get something more, something better and freedom? Yes, you need to check out the Gbwhatsapp download 2018 or any version of this app for the next level experience. Whether you use it or not; the choice is yours. But make sure that you check this gem like app today.

GB whatsapp: What to know?

This wonderful application is the modification of Whatsapp application. The thing here is once you have it on your device; you are going to be able to break all these restrictions that are applied on the original whatsapp platform. In this way you can make the changes in the app as per your preference.  One thing that you have to keep in your mind is that this GB application is not made by the original makers of this Whatsapp and it is a modified clone of this app called Whatsapp.

Looks can be changed in a blink of eye!

Once you have GB Whatsapp you would be in a condition to change the overall look of WhatsApp. In this way, you easily can change the icon, the overall design of the app, the font type and style and also much more.  Moreover, you would also be in a position to modify the different features such as last seen, delete the last seen text, change the status-related features and many other things.

The end to limitations

Again, if you are one of the individuals who feel bad that Whatsapp does not permit you to send the videos or documents that exceed the size of 16mb then relax. You can send all the files and media documents that exceed 16mb through GB WhatsApp. Next time if you have a spectacular video of your performance or anything else to share with the family and friends; you can do it without a second thought. Your videos would get through like a cakewalk.

You can run two WhatsApp accounts on your one device

Yes, with GB Whatsapp you can make sure that you use two WhatsApp accounts on your single device. In case you have two SIMs in your device and you wish that you run different WhatsApp accounts on both then you can make use of the GB WhatsApp application. In this way, you can make sure that you have both accounts running on your mobile or device. To distinguish between both the apps, you can easily change the color of one of the apps and hence have a comfortable experience.


Thus, security is no concern if you use GB WhatsApp. After all, more and more people are switching to this application because of its exciting and enriching offerings!