Unfortunately for many, losing weight is not as easy as making an intense sacrifice for a short period of time and then neglecting healthy habits. Losing weight is not complicated, the real challenge is to keep it. According to some of the most reputed nutritionists in the world, there are foods with which to obtain the necessary amount of nutrients without the scale moving to the right. And with medically supervised diets Indianapolis you can even achieve the desired effect in no time. Here we present 8 foods that you cannot avoid while having effective diet plan.

Milk or yogurt

Maintaining the line starts with breakfast and the most effective way to do it is to include proteins: more specifically whey. As per the research yogurt, milk, ricotta cheese, etc. can be used as low carb diet. As these diet will boost your immunity while dieting in addition to keeping blood sugar levels low and preventing circulation problems, while suppressing ghrelin, known as the hunger hormone.


Avocado consumption has grown at a dizzying pace in recent years, and it is not for less. This exotic fruit provides the healthy fats that are necessary in any diet and that can reduce the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Brussels sprouts

Products such as Brussels sprouts or shirataki noodles are rich in soluble fibre, those that absorb water and form a gel that helps decrease the speed of food digestion. In this way, you will feel full before and eat less throughout the day. In addition, a joint study by several universities shows that the consumption of these types of fibres can reduce abdominal fat significantly.


Popeye’s strength was grounded: spinach is the vegetables that concentrate the most proteins and are loaded with folic acid and vitamins. Like other green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage orchard. They are also low in calories and carbohydrates, but rich in fibre which translates into a perfect garnish that increases the volume of the dish without adding calories.

Wholemeal bread

Foods with whole grains retain more nutrients, so that they satisfy a lot more and make you much less fat. In addition, white bread contains fast or simple carbohydrates, which means that, in addition to activating insulin production in the pancreas, we will soon be hungry again. To recognize this type of products in the supermarket it is not enough to notice a darker colour, but the most reliable is to read the label and make sure that it is made with semolina or wholemeal flour in more than 80%.


Lentils are, along with black beans, the richest legumes in fibre. They also provide a good amount of protein, minerals, especially iron and vitamins A, B and C. We usually cook them in stews that usually include elements with a lot of fat such as sausage or blood sausage, but it is also possible to create batters or use them to thicken soups or creams.


Apart from processed meats (such as sausages or sausages), chicken and veal are necessary in every diet, as they are the foods that will really make us not go hungry. Various studies show that an increase in protein intake of around 25% can reduce cravings by 60%, thus preventing us from pecking between meals.

Coffee or tea

If you are one of those who spend all day drinking coffee in the office, you are in luck. Caffeine can help speed up metabolism. According to a report, consuming caffeine is equivalent to water, but not to exceed the limit. This is not all. There are various other foods that you can eat during dieting. Ask your weight loss Indianapolis dietician for more information.