It is not a new thing for a woman to want to find something to pull in her postpartum belly. For centuries women have been using an improvised belly wrap of some kind but today the market provides safer and more comfortable girdles. Women want to know if they are truly helpful in that difficult phase after childbirth while the body recovers naturally. Here are 7 benefits of wearing a postpartum belt.

Recommended By Doctors

A postpartum belt is variously described as a belly wrap, belly band, belly belt, or postpartum girdle. An important factor in considering getting one is the fact that they have long been recommended by doctors for use after abdominal surgeries including C-sections. The medical name for these girdles is abdominal binders which should not be confused with maternity belts designed to ease discomfort during pregnancy.

Speeds up Uterus Recovery

During the first postpartum phase, the uterus takes several weeks to naturally shrink back to normal size. Wearing a postpartum girdle is believed to help speed up this process and enable the abdominal muscles to regain their prenatal strength.

Aids in C-section Recovery

Some postpartum belts are designed specifically to avoid discomfort from the soreness and sutures following a C-section delivery. The support can also help increase blood flow and reduce swelling.

Reduces Lower Back Pain

One of the most beneficial reasons to purchase postpartum body shapewear is to assist in reducing lower back pain. These belts are designed to give support to the pelvic floor muscles and lumbar region. As with maternity belts, these garments are helpful in reducing strain, and with postpartum belts, giving relief while the uterus and abdomen return to normal.

Elasticity and Comfort

Girdles and corsets have been used by women over the ages to give the effect of a perfect figure. Modern materials like spandex, lycra, and other synthetic fibers allow more elasticity and comfort in this type of shapewear.  Postpartum versions are confidence builders enabling women to look and feel better in their clothes while regaining their former figures.

Supports Posture

The muscle support given by wearing a postpartum belt helps with posture issues. This in turn improves mobility and promotes faster recovery. The proper alignment of the muscles also reduces other postnatal problems like fluid retention and potential stretch marks.

Heals Diastasis Recti

A further benefit of wearing a postpartum girdle is to alleviate the common problem of diastasis recti. This is a condition caused by the abdominal wall muscles separating out right and left as a result of hormone changes in pregnancy.

Still having a post-baby protruding belly months after the birth can be distressing for any new mother. These specially designed garments help to re-align the muscles and give more comfort, allowing mums to use exercise techniques to restore elasticity and muscle strength.


There are several different types of postpartum belts on the market today most of which are washable and reusable for future births. Modern lifestyles anticipate women rapidly returning to active life after childbirth. Wearing a support belt soon after childbirth can encourage a speedy natural recovery and the comfort to enjoy the new baby.