If you are in a dilemma about where to head for your wedding trip, read the full article. Today we will be sharing some stunning viewpoints from the city of Sal Salvador, the most populated city of El Salvador. Famous for numerous outlooks, this city has a football stadium that attracts the maximum crowd.

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Lake Coatepeque

this lake is the country’s largest lake and was formed after the eruption of a volcano more than 50,000 years ago .this lake has a startling view in the dazzling blue pool nestled beneath the peaks of the Cerro Verde, Izalco and Santa Ana volcanoes. the fringed by sloping sugar and coffee plantations makes this lake a more picturesque spot of the city. Lake Coatepeque is the most enchanting natural attraction located on the cusp of the Cerro Verde National Park. This lake is almost 6 km in length and houses a colorful catfish population, guapote and zebrafish. All these attractions make this lake a perfect and tranquil holiday destination for both locals and travelers. This lake also provides some popular swimming and water sports, sailing, kayaking, waterskiing and scuba diving.

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Cerro Verde Naional Park

The National Park offers the most beautiful landscapes covered in lush green grass. This national park offers some recreational pastimes for the visitors like hiking, and many sightsee like the famous three volcanoes, Izalco, Cerro Verde and Santa Ana. This is one of the most favorite places for the people in this city. this has a trio of volcanic peaks encircled by lush jungle, a vast network of hiking trails and the nearby crater lake of Coatepeque. You can reach the highest point: the 2,381-meter summit of Santa Ana and the city’s highest and most active volcano. This volcano is capped with four craters and a glistening green crater lake. All three volcanos provide a thrilling view from the top.

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El Rosario Church

This amazing Church was built in the late 19’s and offered a great place to visit. The cemetery of this Church deflects the past grey concrete arch of El Rosario Church. This place of worship is a bleak, hangar-like building though a dreary façade. This buliding was inspired by the creation of artist Ruben Martinez. Glaze at the arched walls that are adorned with scrap-metal figures.

Visit the National Theatre

This huge theatre was built between 1911 and 1917 and offered the visitors to look up to the city’s principal landmarks, including National Monument and the oldest theater in Central America. French architect Daniel Beylard designs this magnificent National Theatre of El Salvador. This pretty building is one of the most beautiful and is among the capital’s most notable works that provide a unique form of architecture. This place states a  Neo-classical façade that gives way to lavish French Renaissance interiors. Visit this stunning building to adore the architectural design.

Metropolitan Cathedral

This is a worldwide famous cathedral that houses many iconic white Roman Catholic church monuments and are still running, providing deeply religious roots. the old-world architectural charms like ornate stonework and the religious statue will surely amaze you. This site was once a violent place where some 40 people were killed during a stampede at the funeral of Archbishop Oscar Romero. But today, this iconic structure is a renowned site that offers a bit of peace and tranquility for visitors. You will adore the colorful interior and the images of the Divine Saviour with a four-column baldachino that blesses the main altar.

Joya de Ceren Archeological site

this tourist destination dates back to A.D. 600 and is the only site that has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage site. These impressive ruins of Joya de Cerén have been discovered in 1976 and thus have become the most visited archaeological sites. There are more than 70 structures that are uncovered on this site, and more than ten have been excavated. These are open to the public. the village has been preserved after the eruption of the laguna caldera volcano. Visit the stunning palace and witness the unique architecture that is still preserved here.

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