Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art that originated in Brazil. The martial art is based on grappling, ground fighting, and submission holds. It focuses on gaining control over the opponent with a dominant position using many techniques.

It will help if you follow the following steps to get the best out of your BJJ training:

Trust Others and Be Trustworthy

When you trust your instructor and the participants, the environment at the BJJ training gym becomes pleasant. And that helps you to learn. At the same time, make sure that you remain trustworthy.

Do BJJ in a Gi

Make sure that you adapt to the gi techniques before venturing into no-gi. It is easier to adapt to the gi techniques to no-gi than the other way around.

Never Ask Black-Belts to Roll

Respect is the essence of BJJ training. As such, you need to show respect to the higher-ranked black-belts. If you are with a lower belt, then refrain from asking black-belts to roll. The best thing you can do is look at them humbly to clarify that you are available. If they want, they will invite you.

Find the Best Instructor

Keep in mind that it is the instructor who has a great role to play in shaping you as a BJJ expert. Therefore, it will help if you refrain from joining a BJJ training program in haste, and instead make some efforts to research the quality of instructors at different gyms.

Have Faith in You

During the initial days of the training, you might find it frustrating to execute the BJJ techniques. It will help if you believe in yourself that you will eventually succeed. And try your level best to execute the techniques. If you fail, again and again, ask your instructor to help you.


Exchanging ideas with the participants in the gym is one of the coolest things to do. It will help if you do not hesitate to ask more experienced participants, so clear your doubts. You can ask questions such as how to foil and attack or pull off a submission. Usually, higher-ranked students enjoy answering questions.

Do Your Homework

It is natural for you to forget some portions of what was taught in the class. It will help if you mentally make repetitions while at home to have a better grasp of the concept. If you find that a particular technique does not fit your style, then do more and more mental repetitions until you gain a concept’s stronghold.

Try Out New Things

You will gain a lot when you try out new things. The more diversified your game is, the better you will be in gaining a stronghold.

Refer to the infographic in this post to know all about BJJ training.