These days’ people love to spend their time on various social networking sites; Facebook is the platform on which all age groups people visit. But, as these days, people’s lives are so hectic that they do not have sufficient time for themselves that makes time feel stressed and anxious.

Facebook is a platform that is used by people for. Uploading the photos and videos. At the time when Facebook was invented, it was. Different, but as time passed and the technology got advanced, people started using Facebook more as more advanced features were added to this platform. 

And after that, Facebook users have been growing at a tremendous rate. So not only are people using Facebook for entertainment purposes, but even this is a platform used by the people as the best and the affordable marketing tool for the expansion of the business.

Definition of Facebook

If we talk about Facebook, then this is basically a social networking site that is used by people in order to create a connection with the people living in different parts of the world. People even create different pages on Facebook on which people of the same interest get connected and like each other pages.  User also has the option to buy Facebook likes.

In addition to this, people even have the option to live, comment, and share the post of different people so that they can interact with each other.

If you want to understand the term Facebook in a better way, then you should get an idea regarding the basic terms that are used in Facebook.


The central part of Facebook is the profile; this is basically the place where the name, hometown, and the workplace of the person are displayed. The overall profile is something that gives the detail about the person who is having an account on the Facebook. The setting of Facebook provides the option to the user to make the profile visible to the person whom he wants to do.


This is a term that is most often confused by the people with the newsfeed. However, there is just a minor difference between the two terms. Newsfeed is basically the place where you can see your own postings and even your friend’s updating. Not only this, even the uploading of the pages that you have liked will be shown on your newsfeed.

On the other hand, if we talk about the term timeline, then this is basically a page where you can see all the postings that you have uploaded on your Facebook page from the last time. So this is the page where you will not be able to see the posting of your friends or the posting of the pages of your interest.

Even your friends have the option to see your timeline as and when they wish to unless you have set any kind of privacy on the account.


This is the most important and commonly used term by people; this is a term that some people also call status. Something either an image, video, text, or location that you are uploading on Facebook that your friends can see is called the post.


Friends are the people to whom either you have sent a request, or they have sent the request to you. The concept of Facebook regarding friends is that one person has to send the request and another person has to accept it. Therefore, until both the functions are complete, two of the persons cannot be friends.

If we talk about the personal account on Facebook, then on it, a person can have only 5000 friends and not more than that, so accordingly make the selection of the friends. These friends are mainly responsible for increasing the likes on the post of a person. So if a person does not have a sufficient number of friends, then the situation arises to buy Facebook likes.


Facebook even provides an additional exciting feature to their users; users have the option to create a group with people of their similar interest. So if we talk about the group, then this is basically a community that is created to interact with the people of the same interest.


The various people on Facebook form various types of pages; a person can like the pages of their interest. Once a user likes a particular page, then in the future, he will get the complete information of the page that will help him in getting more indulged in the interest.

The above mentioned are some of the basic terms that are related to Facebook that will help a person in understanding it in a better way. However, even they provide with a particular application called as the messenger that is used to chat with people that are friends on Facebook.

Hopefully, it is quite clear that Facebook is a platform that is a good source of entertainment for people due to its various features.