Clearing the snow after a snowfall is a hectic task. So, doing such a chore needs the best equipment. A tool that makes the work easy and takes less time to finish. Because standing at such ice-cold weather and clearing snow for long is deadly. Nevertheless, you cannot skip it.

So, the best we can do is introducing you to a snow blower. Just push and stroll. And that is it when you have Ego Power+.

Review Of EGO Power+ Snow Blower

EGO Power+ is pretty powerful, considering it uses two batteries. The sturdy construction has steel and plastic components to it. The use of steel and plastic make it robust yet lightweight. There is an easy-to-press button and a retraction bar to start the snow blower. It stands on two wheels and needs a slight push to maneuver. The ergonomic handles are comfortable to grip for long working hours.

Motor and Chute

It has a brushless motor and handle-mounted chute. For a longer shelf life and quiet operation, there is no alternative to a brushless motor. Not just that, it provides better torque and high efficiency too. On the right side, at the top, it has a chute director. Press it to move the chute left and right. You can adjust it up and down with the mounted handle. The blower can throw snow at a distance of 35ft through the chute. Just adjust the chute in the direction you want to throw the snow.

Dual Port

It uses two batteries and has dual ports and covers for the batteries. You will need 20-30 minutes to charge them, as they are quick-charge ones. With a full charge, you can work for 30-40 minutes straight. The time varies depending on the condition and depth of the snow. It is the best cordless electric snow blower, the most powerful that works with dual batteries.


The auger portion is pretty impressive here. It is made of metal and rubber blades. In whisper-quiet operation, the rubber blade plays its part. The auger has a variable speed, which means you can control the speed. There are a speed throttle and a tumbler switch at the left on top. Take the tumbler up to the highest, to speed up the auger. And down to the lowest to slow it down. When you are cutting through the deepest snow, using the highest speed is a need. But for one or two-inch, high speed is wastage of battery power. After a few attempts, you will understand which speed you need to use in particular width and depth. It can clear up to 21-inch width.

Easy To Fold

Though it looks like a complicated, bulky machine, which is going to take up much space to store, it is not. It folds like no other. The quick-fold handle assures compact storage.


  • Two 56-Volt 5.0Ah lithium-ion batteries
  • Brushless motor
  • Two LED headlights
  • Handle-mounted chute throws snow at a distance up to 35ft
  • Easy to fold and store


  • With heavy snow, batteries last less

With such a machine in your grip, your life becomes easy, to the extent that you start looking forward to clearing the snow. This machine is that level good.