Do you want to create your own circus costumes in Australia? Whether you or your kid wants to be a clown, ring leader, or sweet cotton candy piece, there is always a place for all your family members and we are sure you will find yours on our list. This list includes ideas for all ages. You will find everything from a strong little man, Disney-famous Dumbo to a lion wearing a circus wagon.

Circus lion

Your fierce lion will feel cosy and warm in a feather boa mane and furry snowsuit. You can put your kid inside his circus wagon and transport him easily.

Ringmaster clown costume

If you have a gorgeous little kid then you can make her sparkle under the spotlight in an adorable outfit. The costume features a handmade headband with a little face paint touch.

Toddler strongman costume

If you are looking for circus costumes in Australia for toddlers then you can go with this gorgeous costume. Your boy will steal the show with this costume. You can add hot glue to the wrapping paper tube’s ends to make the barbell and insert the tube into Styrofoam balls.

Family circus themed costume

You can go all out and make your costume a family affair. You can bring up something for every family member by putting all the tips listed in this article into play.

Partners in a mime costume

If you want to create a couple’s circus themed Aussie costume then this is the best idea. All you need is a black jumpsuit, striped shirt and beret for an excuse for your partner for the silent treatment.

Popcorn costume

You can never finish a circus performance without popcorn to enjoy the show. You can make your circus costumes in Australia appear like the popcorn tin and popcorns. Make the skirt or shorts look like the popcorn can and the top like the popcorns.