Instagram is a famous social network characterized by particular functions that can distinguish it from its peers. Owned by Facebook Inc., The company founded by Mark Zuckerberg to control his “social creatures”, the “social of Polaroid” (the old application icon reminded of the famous snapshot …) is based on the simple publication of photos and videos, the latter only introduced since 2013.

It was probably the simplicity of use and the minimalist graphics, devoid of frills and excessive decorations, that decreed the global success of the application, so much so that Zuckerberg bought the company in 2012 and implemented it thanks to the enormous means put in place. provision from Facebook revenue.

Over the years, Instagram has been further expanded with the addition of new features such as the ability to comment on published content, complete with the addition of tags to call friends and specific pages.

The “Direct” function, that is the instant messaging service with which to chat and send content published on the application. The “Stories” function, with which to publish temporary contents that will remain visible for a maximum duration of 24 hours, at the end of which what has been published will be automatically deleted.

Function, the latter, extrapolated (not to say stolen) from the competitor Snapchat, a social network based entirely on the “Stories” system and initiator of this particular method of publishing multimedia content. For the uninitiated, the biggest worry of any Instagram user (or 99.9% of users) is to be “successful” on the social network.

And let’s be clear, in the case of social networks the term “success” is not equivalent to money (not always, at least), but to a large number of “followers” and “likes” of the published contents. But how to achieve the much-desired “success”? What are the tricks to use to increase the followers and likes of your published posts?

In reality, there are no real tricks, but it is possible to use specific methods to increase the “turn” of likes and followers who, in all probability, will begin to follow your profile.

Unless you decide to buy Instagram followers on reliable sites, a technique increasingly used to increase the perceived value of your profile. If you are curious and you also want to increase your popularity on buy  Instagram followers Australia, you just have to keep reading the article.

How to be successful on Instagram – The 10 steps

1) The presence on Instagram

One of the fundamental (but often underestimated) aspects of Instagram is its constant presence on the social network. It is proven that users with more followers are also those who publish content constantly.

True, some users take advantage of this “artistic freedom” and publish tons of posts, but they have every right to do so. Therefore, the first step to increase your visibility on Instagram is to increase your active presence on the social network.

Let’s move on.

2) The importance of the “Like” button

Being active on Instagram doesn’t just mean posting content constantly. Being active also means liking photos, videos, comments, and pages, all to follow one of the basic rules of any social network: likes attract likes.

It’s like a real vicious circle based on simple numerical statistics.

In most cases, the one who puts the most likes on the most varied posts is also the one who gets many likes on their published content.

3) To participate in the life of others

The third point automatically reconnects to the second.

Many have not yet understood it, especially those who disdain them a priori, but the new methods of communication offered by services such as Facebook and Instagram (and a little by all other social networks) is a new way of participating in the life of others, as long as it is not abused.

Be a part of the life of others and others will be part of yours. And always remember that sometimes a little heart can make a difference, but a hug is even better.

4) Publishing interesting content

The constant publication is not the only way to increase visibility directly. If the published contents are not “interesting” and cannot be considered aesthetically “beautiful”, your likes will be negatively affected.

Check for yourself: how many likes does a photo taken by a professional photographer have? And how many likes does a photo that has been moved and incomprehensible to most people have?

5) The exploration of the “Explore” area

It sounds like a tongue twister, but in reality, it’s just one of the most used methods by Instagram users to increase their followers.

Specifically, the exploration of the “Explore” area allows users to see not only the posts published by the pages they already follow, but also to view the contents published by the pages they are not yet following. This is made possible by an “intelligent” mechanism of Instagram (which is already exploited by Facebook) which highlights the user content similar to those already “liked” and appreciated in the past. A simple method to view posts that are always interesting and to make new acquaintances. And new likes.

6) Using the right hashtags

It is probably the real key to how Instagram works. The hashtag.

Invented as a communication method by a San Francisco lawyer and introduced on Twitter, the hashtag has profoundly changed the way of expressing oneself online, even if the real effects of this written “innovation” can only be detected from a distance. of years.

But leaving aside the historical character of the transcription, the hashtag is the fastest way to “connect” content published by different users but sharing the same themes. By using the right hashtags, other users will find your photos much more easily, further increasing your visibility. Brilliant, isn’t it?

7) The use of suitable filters

Never forget to post using suitable filters, whether they are preset by Instagram or used by other applications. A particular photo equipped with original filters will certainly be more successful than a photo published in a hurry. and when you want to promote your Instagram account then you visit our site Sociallygo

8) Publish Interesting Stories

Now that there are also Stories on Instagram, use them to further increase the “success” of your profile. Publish your daily life, let the whole world participate in your days, and let yourself be carried away by originality.

9) The importance of a good caption

A photo correlated with an interesting caption written without grammatical errors is certainly more interesting and appreciable than a post without a description or, worse, with an ungrammatical description. And pay attention to the subjunctives.

10) Telling yourself

The last step, perhaps the most important of all, is to tell about yourself. Only post content that reflects your personality, your way of being, and your ways of doing. Nothing else is needed. You will see that the world will appreciate it. And success will be assured.