The market is full of essential oils, hemp oils, and different types of massage oils. All the brands presenting them in markets require an innovative and elegant packaging solution. Custom oil boxes are fulfilling this need of these brands. They are made of sturdy corrugated cardboard materials that protect oils from all types of harm. They also have an option to use the Kraft paper stock or bux board. Promotional needs are also fulfilled by utilizing custom printing and design options. These designs are printed with premium quality inks and the latest CMYK color schemes using offset and digital printers. The use of different customization techniques like die-cutting, embossing, foiling, gluing, and scoring ads charm to the design and increases the aesthetics of oils sheathed inside.

The use of custom foam inserts and dividers can provide businesses an extra space to insert multiple oil bottles. Brands can also use soft-touch lamination to increase the touch feel. Seeing the different types of oil boxes filled with hemp, massage, and essential oils is common nowadays in retail stores. Various new brands have also jumped into this sector, seeing the increased demand and profit margins. So, this is an opportunity for the brands to increase their sales using this packaging solution. Here are 10 key trends of the time that can aid your brand in doing so.

Sustainability Trend

The biggest trend that the market is seeing right now is sustainability. Brands are widely opting for sustainable practices to present their products. It is why the packaging products are now widely offering sustainable CBD oil boxes for sale to their clients. Such materials are used in their manufacturing process that is completely biodegradable in nature and have no negative impact on the environment either by creating pollution or health problems. Their recyclable nature inspires the customers and brands.

Windows Insertion

Keeping the custom window panes at the front wall or the lid has also become a widely chosen option by the brands. A custom window cut-out is crafted at the wall panels in the form of a circle, square, or any other shape. A clear sheet is then placed in these window panes to expose the oil concentrates oils for customers. Seeing the products before purchasing them inspires the customers for a quick purchase.

Modern Typography

Brands have to display promotional content over their product packaging to aid buyers to know about the brand or product. Attractive fonts play a vital role to increases the appealing of this displayed content. Bulk oil boxes placed at the retail shelves become more visible and stand out using alluring fonts. Vintage typography is also coming into trend again, but it should be used according to the brand theme and likeness of the customers.

Appealing Colors Selection

Brands need to be finicky in the color selection for their packaging of oils. Utilizing the colors to attract buyers is a trend for the past many years. With the passage of time, brands are becoming more conscious in this regard. They now choose the colors that could better define their brand and products. Moreover, the visibility of their product is also enhanced in the retail stores. Appealing colors attract the buyers while they walk across the aisle shelves in search of their needed oil.

Dividers For Storage Space

People love to buy different oil extracts according to their likeness, and it is a common practice in the case of essential oil. Brands need to ship the multiple flavors of essential oil in a single box to fulfill the buyers’ requirements. Oil packaging in USA is manufactured by using custom dividers. These custom dividers separate the oil bottles from each other and increase the storage space. This factor lowers the packaging costs for brands, and buyers also have to pay less for shipping.

Durable Material Usage

The material selection needs to be examined in multiple aspects. Apart from the sustainable point of view, it is also necessary to consider their durability. Oils bottles are very fragile and have a threat of possible during the shipping. Brands can select the thickness of material ranging from 60lbs to 400lbs. This durability protects them during stacking, vibration, and shakes. The use of custom inserts also plays a vital role in protecting them and enhancing their presentation.

Innovative Unboxing Styles

The way a product is taken out of the box inspires the customers. It enhances the appealing of products and also brings ease for the customers to frequently use products. Various packaging firms are offering oil boxes for sale at the online market places with engaging unboxing styles. The sleeve unboxing style has gained massive popularity in recent years because of the stylish sliding phenomenon. Moreover, it takes just a second to grab the products out.

Smart Product Detailing

Product detailing is the need of brands to convey the desired information to the customers. They have to display the ingredients used, manufacturing dates, new weight, and various other such details. Listing all the details can cover a lot of space that does not look good. Oil packaging in the USA is utilized in a way for product detailing purposes that only the most vital details are displayed in the textual form. The rest of the details are displayed in the form of a QR code to occupy less space. It also ensures that their elegance should not get compromised.

A Story-Driven Design

 Design can portray a brand distinctive from others in the retail stores. A storytelling design is in the trend nowadays for this purpose. Innovative packaging firms are offering free design support on purchasing the bulk oil boxes from them. In this way, a whole story background is narrated in the form of graphics images for the ease and interest of buyers. Customers love to buy such products with an appealing display of images.

Use of Embellishments

A key trend that adds value to the product packaging is the use of embellishments. Several types of embellishments are enhancing the appeal of products. Utilizing the gold or silver foiling in an attractive manner enhances their charm. Moreover, coating them with different finishes like gloss and matte also enhances the charm of printed content. A glossy look is achieved by their use. Soft-touch lamination is also quite popular among brands to enhance the touch feel.

These were some modern trends used in the oil boxes that can help brands get a boost in sales. People get impressed by these factors and make an instant purchase decision. This utilization of modern trends also increases the reputation of brands in the market and enjoy a competitive advantage over their rivals.