The truth is simple – a wedding will be incomplete without the proper decorations. Choosing hallway decorations can be exceptionally difficult, as these have to correspond to the theme, outfits and the general mood of the event. The decor is as essential as selecting a cake delivery in Bangalore service for your special day.

Taking into consideration the fact that many engaged individuals are on a tight budget makes the task of selecting decor even more difficult. Is it possible to enjoy beautiful hallway decorations that are inexpensive and stylish at the same time? Yes, it is. The hallway of a wedding venue will be the prime attraction for your guests. It takes a great idea, some imagination, and research, but the perfect hallway decorations are achievable.

Deciding the theme

You first need to decide on the theme that you want to follow. What is it that your wedding will be projecting? Do you want to focus on traditions or you prefer expressing your personality more unconventionally? Decide on the message before you start choosing decorations.

Flower decorations for the hallway

Flowers are a traditional decoration that you can never go wrong with. The freshness, scent and beauty of flowers make them a trendy decoration for all types of weddings. If you want to focus on romantic and classy ambience, you can choose specific flower arrangements.

The fact is that you can even create flower decorations yourself. It might be difficult to develop the patterns and the manner in which the floral motifs will be applied, but once you manage to come up with an idea, you can easily implement it.

One of the simplest, yet most noticeable ideas is flower arches. Flower arches, positioned at a certain regular distance from each other, will introduce style and beauty to the hallway.

Ribbon decor for the hallway

Ribbons can be used to create effective and professional hallway decoration patterns. Such decorations are suitable both for weddings and for other events.

You can either select ribbons in one colour or create patterns with ribbons that are contrasting each other. When you go for several colours, you have to be exceptionally careful. Some combinations can be truly disastrous while others are completely inappropriate for a wedding. Black and red are perfectly suited to each other, but these colours are too aggressive and grim for the occasion.

The ribbons that will be most appropriate for a wedding should be white, beige or pink in colour. These can be combined finely with floral arrangements.

If you want the ambience to be more romantic, you can create hallway decorations of ribbons and candles. Ensure that the candles are positioned in a manner that does not interfere with individuals’ entry and exit. They should also be placed in a way that minimizes the chances of a fire getting started.

Thematic hallway decorations

If you want to do something fun and personalized for a change, you can opt for thematic hallway decorations.

Keep in mind that thematic hallway decorations take more time to come up with and implement. Usually, such arrangements are more costly, as well.

Paintings and props can be used in the recreation of any theme. Would you like your hallway to resemble Venice or maybe a romantic moonlit beach? All this is achievable but understand that you will have to be actively involved in the process. Add paintings to the entrance and sea-shells! Sea-shells are excellent as they can be used in a number of decorative ways.

Coming up with fantastic hallway decorations is not necessarily a costly and difficult task. If you are open and positive about it, the process can be very fun and enjoyable. Select the decorations that you desire and personalize as much as you want to – this is your wedding, and you should try to enjoy every aspect of it.

Try browsing Pinterest for ideas and decor hacks. There are also many tutorials available on YouTube for noobs as they explore wedding decoration ideas on a budget. Be as creatively inclined as possible and try to speak to newlyweds for a better idea on decoration vendor suppliers as well as budget.