Buttock enhancement creams and supplements, especially Its Her Solution, offer a 3-way formula meant to make your butt look big, firm and smooth.

Buttock enhancement creams and supplements, especially Its Her Solution, offer a 3-way formula meant to make your butt look big, firm and smooth.

They say a woman’s butt is the true definition of perfection.

Well, that’s not bad at all, because female buttocks are one of the most visible features of your body.

A perfectly shaped round buttock without stretch marks is the dream of millions of women who can do it all.

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Benefits of Using Its Her Solution Sculpt System

Keep that in mind; all preparations of this formula consist primarily of topical creams or gels.

Therefore, women do not have to worry about the side effects that they often have when taking oral capsules.

Its Her Solution upgraded system provides you with the following benefits.

The 3-step formula tends to speed up the healing process of the skin.

Drastically affects the size of your buttocks

Eliminates blemishes, discoloration and acne

Allow a new process of regeneration of skin cells.

Erase the darkness from your butt, thighs and stomach

No side effects

Natural and organic ingredients

No additives, gluten or artificial ingredients are added.

Dramatically cleanses stretch marks

A bigger buttock with cellulite and stretch marks is something that makes the female body look horrible, on the other hand, a perfect, rounder, peach-like buttock with a perfectly formed buttock is hard to come by.

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So what makes Its Her Solution Booty Sculpt superior to all butt enlargement therapies?

What is Its Her Solution sculpting system?

Its Her Solution Sculpt System is widely used by women who have stretch marks on their buttocks and, of course, those who want to have a beautiful butt.

Reviews for Its Her Solution Booty Sculpt System

It is an anti-aging and smoothing formula specially designed for female buttocks.

This sculpting system is much better than cosmetic surgeries after which women have lost thousands of dollars.

The results of Its Her Solution are immediate and its application is much easier.

Its Her Solution Booty Sculpt formula contains all-natural, allergy-free ingredients like gluten, sulfate and parabens.

Company behind Its Her Solution Booty Sculpt System

The collection of these three booty enlargement systems is designed by Leading Edge Health, this company is located in the Bahamas and is responsible for manufacturing many well known and reputable health supplements.

There are small, high-tech health related businesses in Canada and Cyprus.

Surprisingly, they have a respected track record and treat their clients accordingly.

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How does Its Her Solution system work?

Every buttock enlargement cream or supplement is meant to give you the best shape of all.

It will also ensure the safety and tone of your skin which we can get with buttock surgeries that leave a horrible mark.

When we say that the Its Her Solution contain a 3-way system, we mean that there are actually 3 different forms of supplements, each designed for a particular purpose.

Let’s take a look at each Its Her Solution system and see how they work.

1) Its Her Solution Stimulating Scrub

The stimulating scrub is mainly anti-aging and smoothing the buttocks. There are several amounts of antioxidants mixed in the formula which firm the skin on your buttocks and make it look younger.

The scrub should be gently rubbed on the skin of the slightly damp buttocks; this gentle massage should be done twice a day before taking a shower.

2) Its Her Solution Collagen Booty Mask

As women age, women over 30 have their buttocks like a wrinkled piece of cloth, this is due to the presence of excess cellulite.

The production of collagen fibers in any part of the body makes it firmer, tighter, and wrinkle-free. This can precisely change the overall size of your thighs and buttocks.

The collagen butt mask would be applied to the round surface of your buttocks for about 15 minutes. Wash off the mask with water and you can also apply the scrub. This particular type of collagen mask can also be applied to various other places, such as the abdomen, thighs, and hip area.

3) Its Her Solution Stretch Mark Serum

Stretch marks are the common enemy of adult women who, after giving birth or having a Caesarean section, have different marks in different places.

This is mainly due to dehydration which makes stretch marks more visible. Stretch Mark Serum improves skin tone, makes it smoother and completely transforms the look of your butt.

It is available as a pump, these pumps are applied to the surface of the buttocks in a circular fashion so that all the ingredients are absorbed. This multi-pump application is recommended twice a day, once a day and once a night. For optimal results, you should use the Its Her Solution loot upgrade system for at least 39 days.

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Its Her Solution Booty Sculpt System Ingredients

Ingredients in Its Her Solution Sculpt System

If you look at the back of the label you can find many ingredients, they are present in the buttock augmentation system, however there are 5 key ingredients mentioned below along with their mechanism of action.

Aloe barbadensis

An extract / constituent of Aloe Vera that has shown multiple benefits for the skin. Aloe vera extract is very potent against severe burns, skin acne and dehydration. It contains a wide range of beneficial enzymes and antioxidants, which leads to the reduction of wrinkles and stretch marks.

Carica Papaya

Carica papaya is a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants. These vitamins are E, A and C which protect the skin from moisture and excessive heat. The enzyme present in this ingredient is called papain, which also has several health benefits. It produces new skin cells, which makes your skin look radiant and youthful.

Seaweed extract

You can expect a lot from the seaweed extract as it contains the highest amount of skin protecting agents which are basically vitamins, minerals and soothing agents. Seaweed extract is known to reduce the sensitivity of the skin and help stimulate the hydration process. On the first day, you can say goodbye to the dry skin on your buttocks.

Caprylyl glycol

The ingredients have a remarkable preservative and a skin stabilizing mechanism that repairs damaged skin cells at their roots.

Tocopheryl acetate

An excellent source of vitamin E, this vitamin prevents the build-up of free radicals below the skin’s surface which somewhat hampers the recovery process. When this happens, your skin loses an additional amount of water and therefore its firmness.

Below are some other ingredients in Its Her Solution Sculpt System, which offers a combined and holistic approach to skin rejuvenation.




Vitamin B3


Coconut oil

Xanthum gum

Provitamin B5