Trends change by the minute. Some are a hit, whereas others, not so much. Some trends, however, set their mark in stone and make an impact unlike any other. Keeping is nothing short of a task. Fashion is supposed to be fun, easy, and comfortable. Why couldn’t this be easier?

Do you wish to upgrade your style by doing the bare minimum? We have just the solution for you.

The following are five timeless men’s fashion trends that are forever relevant and forever fashionable. If you are not one for disposable and ever-changing trends, this is for you.

–              Print on Print

Prints are stunning. They always manage to grab attention. Whether it is something as simple and understated as stripes and checks or something more vibrant and larger than life, prints never fail to impress.

Pair prints with prints to make a fashion statement unlike any other. You might be thinking: print on print, are you sure? Yes! Trust us; it works.

Print on print is a bold choice, which is why most people shy away from experimenting. Your safest bet is to pair a printed piece with a plain one. However, if you wish to pack on a punch with your look, say goodbye to playing it safe.

Wear print on print fearlessly. Experiment with different combinations. For instance, a floral printed shirt looks excellent with striped pants. If florals are not your thing, try your luck with plain, checks, geometric or abstract prints; whatever fits your fancy.

Unique, mod, and refreshing, print on print is a high fashion concept. It will take time to perfect the art of pairing, but a little practice never hurt nobody.

–              Statement Outerwear

Outerwear is an essential part of every man’s outfit. Outerwear is the first thing anyone will see on you. Therefore, if you want to amp up your style game, do not overlook good outerwear’s significance. Whether it is a classic trench coat, the universal favorite overcoat, an everyday cardigan, or a bold leather jacket, half of your work is already done for you if your outerwear is stunning.

Trench coats are super versatile and chic. They flatter anyone and everyone. Their crisp aesthetic and sleek aesthetic make them adaptable and functional. Needless to say, a good trench coat is a worthy investment because you can wear it all year round.

Overcoats, much like trench coats, are supremely versatile. Minimal and simple yet stunning, an overcoat is a true embodiment of the saying less is more.

Coming to cardigans, they are the undisputed winners if you want something casual yet comfortable. Dress them up or down; a cardigan is a safe bet.

Not to sound biased, but our personal favorites are leather jackets for men. Timeless yet always on-trend, edgy yet understated, effortless yet stunning, a leather jacket is a star that deserves the spotlight. It can elevate any outfit and take it from basic to a banger in a millisecond. Style it with anything from a tank top and jeans to a pair of chinos and a button-down shirt; a leather jacket never fails to turn heads wherever it goes.

–              Stress-free Denim

Name one man who does not own denim; we will wait. Everyone loves denim, and rightly so. It is an essential fabric that we live and breathe in.

First, let us discuss jeans. Denim jeans come in an array of washes and cuts. From skinny to baggy fit and dark wash to light, there is a sea of options to choose from.

If you are looking to invest in a timeless cut that will never fail to impress, keep it simple and statement with straight cut dark wash denim jeans. Comfortable and versatile, they are perfect for all year round wear. You can style them in countless ways. Dress them up or down or experiment with something new and out of the box for a refreshing new look.

Let us move on to denim jackets. They are universally flattering; that is a fact. While some people think denim jackets are super basic, you can style them with different fabrics to create unique ensembles that are everything but basic.

–              Stylish Hats

Styleon Hats are not for everyone; we admit it. They are timeless style statements that turn heads wherever they go. If you wish to attract attention, then keep reading.

When it comes to hats, it is critical to stay true to your personal style aesthetic.

If you are looking to add an accessory to your everyday casual ensemble, a beanie is your calling. For something a little chicer, a baseball hat looks great with casual outfits. If you are looking to go the extra mile, try your luck with something unconventional yet super fashionable, like a beret or a fedora. Effortlessly chic yet super statement; berets and fedoras deserve more love and recognition.

When it comes to hats, we recommend opting for a style that vibes with your persona and style.

–              Statement Shoes

Good shoes take you to good places. Shoes are an integral component of your ensemble and your wardrobe. The right pair of shoes can take your look to the next level, whereas the wrong one can ruin everything.

You can choose your favorite from a wide variety of styles. If you are looking for something classic and versatile, oxfords and brogues are fantastic. For casual wear, loafers and chukka boots look best. If you want to keep it easy and breezy, sneakers are the way to go.

When it comes to shoes, be sure to experiment with different colors in addition to shoe styles. Shoes are an investment. Make it a point to pick out pairs that are versatile, functional, and comfortable.

  • Conclusion

Style is personal. Regardless of your preference, be sure to make every outfit your own by adding your individual personalized touch to it. Styling is an art that takes time to perfect. Use these five timeless trends to create your ideal wardrobe that creates a dapper look every time.