You’re looking to adopt the greatest rescue dog or cat. Or you’re awaiting the arrival of a prized pet from a breeder. In any case, it’s time to go shopping so that your new pet has everything they require right away. It might be daunting if you’re a first-time pet parent. However, by anticipating all of your pet’s demands, you’ll be able to focus on acclimating them to their new surroundings and beginning training. We’ll go through the necessary pet items you’ll need for a new dog or cat in this post before you place an order to buy pet supplies in Australia with Just For Pets.

Food for a New Puppy or Kitten

Find out the brand of food your new pet was eating before you adopted them and purchase the same brand. If you are unable to determine what food your pet has been consuming, you should purchase high-quality food that is appropriate for his or her life stage. If you’re getting a new puppy or kitten, for example, you’ll need puppy or kitten food.

Food and Water Bowls

Everything from raised bowls to filtered water bowls may be found at pet stores.

Collar and Leash

Different leashes may be used for different reasons, and having an additional leash on hand is always a good idea. Slip leashes are ideal for this since they can be slipped over your pet’s head if they don’t have a collar. It’s a fantastic backup option.When it comes to collars, the possibilities are nearly limitless. It all boils down to what suits your and your pet’s requirements the best.

Bed for your pet

Your pet’s bed is a comfortable place for them to rest and sleep. It should be supportive, pleasant, and allow them to stretch. You’ll probably go through numerous mattresses in your dog’s lifespan, and the bed should provide the required padding for their joints as they become older.

Toys and treats

What good is a new pet if it doesn’t have snacks and toys to play with? The possibilities are endless, but try to stick to treats and toys that have a function, such as health, training, or excitement. Keep in mind that overfeeding a pet can result in obesity, which can lead to diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and even cancer.


Many pets are averse to having their teeth cleaned. As a result, some pet owners neglect to maintain their pets’ dental hygiene. This can be harmful to your pet’s health and result in an expensive trip to the veterinarian’s office. In addition to professional dental cleanings, you should brush your pet’s teeth at least three times a week and ideally every day. Special toothpaste for cats and dogs is sold at pet stores to make the flavour more appealing to them. A finger brush, rather than a typical shaped toothbrush, is preferred by some pet owners for brushing their dog or cat’s teeth.


These are some of the best pet supplies that you must have for your pet and make him enjoy a lavish life.