A Bengal cat is a proper example of a wild but docile pet. Their wild leopard cat looks and domestic cat temperament makes them ever wanting by cat lovers. This super-alert, active, playful, and energetic cats are “don’t leave me alone” types, hence children or a friendly other pet like a beagle will be great for them. Bengal cats have some basic needs to live a happy and content life. Let’s check out the list of items, we need to be prepared for before getting this fluffy friend home.

Let us start with guidelines to buy or adopt a Bengal cat.

  1. Select a reputable breeder or shelter, before getting your cat. Make sure to do thorough research about the agencies you get your cat from
  2. Make sure that the cat is from the 4th generation; otherwise, it may call for legality issues. This is necessary to assess because of the wild ancestry of the Bengal cats
  3. Check their health profile. Make sure you are getting a healthy, clean, and active kitten
  4. Check their eyes, ear, skin, and mouth for any infection signs
  5. See if they are moving and walking properly and not limping

The above list will surely help you to get a healthy and well-being authenticated cat. Let us now see what prior preparations we need to do at home, to make our little buddy at ease.

Cat carrier and harness:

You will need a metal-wired cat carrier to travel with your cat. This will be very essential when you get them home as well as while taking them to vet visits. Chose a sturdy carrier if you are a frequent traveling family. You will also require a harness for leisurely walks.

Cat Territory

This means dedicated space for your little claw baby. It will be helpful if you put a cat tower that has multi-platform and activity panels. Cat towers can have a climbing tree, scratching posts, swings, quilts, carpet, bed, and many more, whatever your heart desire. These cat towers are important especially for Bengal cats, due to their active and playful nature. These cats rest-less and play more kinds, hence plan your space accordingly.

Litter boxes:

It will be a hectic job to do while running behind your claw baby. To reduce this mess, litter boxes can be your best friend. A variety of litter boxes are available with different features, which will assist you in scooping to deodorizing. Some have self-flush features that scrub off granules after the cat’s business is over. All you will have to do is clean the tray when it is full. Also, consider the hidden, spill-proof boxes to lessen the mess, whilst keeping the cat’s privacy intact.

Food bowls and water station:

Buy a high-grade material, preferably stainless steel, food bowl which will last long. Keep separate bowls for food and water. Clean and hygienic bowls are a must to keep your pet in great health. Generally, it is advisable to have a water station that will allow you to fill more water and spill less. 

Cat food:

Your active claw baby will need high-energy, nutritious, and safe food for a healthy life. Always go for vet-recommended cat food. Cat foods have wet and dry food types, select the one which your cat likes and prefers to eat. But do keep in mind that your Bengal cat will get hydration from canned and wet foods more than the water they drink.

Cat toothpaste and toothbrush:

Like other cats, Bengal cats are not very efficient in maintaining their oral hygiene. This may lead to many dental issues and tooth loss, hence cleaning their teeth is essential on daily basis. Good quality and vet-recommended cat toothpaste and toothbrush fall in their basic need category.

Grooming kits:

These are necessary to keep your Bengal cat’s crucial and exquisite coat and claws fit fine. Regular brushing of their coats, especially while they are shedding, helps to maintain a clean and lustrous coat. The nail clipper is another tool in this kit. This will not only keep their claws clean but will also help to keep your furniture and other valuable items scratch-free.

The above-mentioned checklist has a few basic items that will ensure that your little claw baby is happy, lively, and secure; which will make you a happy cat parent.