It can be said with confidence that there wouldn’t be any man or woman that would say they don’t like celebrating New Year’s Day.

It is such a magnificent event, in the world and on New Year’s Day in Singapore. This day holds a lot of great value for everyone. The first most and the top reason being the one that people look forward to spending a better year than the one that has passed by making resolutions for the things they want to achieve in the coming year, although a lot of them make their resolutions with a very huge motivation in the start, the motivation veins slowly and the resolution is slowly forgotten.

We are not here to talk about New Year or its resolutions, but instead, we are here to talk about ladies heels and ladies flat shoes, that the beautiful and elegant women of Singapore can wear to make themselves more elegant. Who doesn’t want to be pretty, right? Well, if you allow us, we’d like to have our part in you getting you to look prettier than before. It’s time to win your loved one’s heart back again, like in the start, and feel the emotions all over again.

When it comes to looking good or making yourself look better than before, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Such as your personality, the way you want to look, the kind of dresses you like to wear, whether you like to wear any accessories or do you like to go the classic and formal way, how do you carry yourself, which colors and which attire suits you and even to your platform heels. There are factors that you must keep into account when you’re deciding to up the game for yourself in terms of getting or looking better.

Luckily you are here and you’re lucky in a sense that if you’re looking for Women Shoes in Singapore for New Year’s Day or for any other day then you do not have to spin your head looking for different items and check the price tag. For this reason, we assembled some of the best kinds or types of shoes that you could wear for this New Year’s Day in Singapore.

If you are excited about the list then we wouldn’t want to make you wait further.

Let’s have the list-

  1. Loafers Women Shoes in Singapore-

The Loafers are something that we would want you to get in the first place. When you first look at the shoe, you’ll see that it can be worn with everything and for any event. The loafers are something that you should definitely get if you are looking for a pair of shoes to match with a New Year’s dress. These kinds of shoes have the ability to go with any kind of attire and they really don’t look bad, instead, they look marvelous.

These shoes are said to be worn mostly at informal celebrations. However, we feel that these shoes or loafers may be worn to formal occasions as well because they create a modest yet sophisticated image.

These shoes are not only stylish, but they are also really comfy. These shoes are regarded to be quite comfortable, which is why they have become popular among the general population as their go-to shoes for any event, whether formal or casual, such as going shopping. If you reside in Singapore, we want you to put the Loafers through their paces this holiday season.

  1. Mules Women Shoes in Singapore-

Put on something more comfortable, like a pair of mules. The Mules are a kind of shoes that are modern and fashionable, making them an excellent choice for casual or semi-formal settings. A perfect shoe for your New Year’s Party. There are several designs to choose from with this footwear. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more adaptable heel than this one. It’s ornate, simple, and everything in between. The front strap provides enough support, and the simple slide-on design makes them suited for all-weather situations. You’ll never want to wear them with jeans, a suit, or even a slinky dress.

Mules are a nice balance if you don’t want to show off your feet all the time but still want to allow them some breathing room.

Mules hide the front of the foot while revealing the heel and ankle at the rear. As a result, air circulates through the footwear.

This shoe is also available in a wide range of designs, colors, and materials. These days, the most fashionable mules feature mid-height or small, thin kitten heels. They may capture attention and complement any ensemble, from casual to semi-formal to evening dresses.

Woven fabric mules, in addition to leather and suede, are popular right now. The Mule flats are ideal if you don’t like or prefer having your feet exposed.

Mule flats are also one of the most versatile sandals on the market since they can be worn with practically any dress or outfit. These flats/sandals will not disappoint you if you are wearing a casual dress and going out for a casual excursion, and vice versa if you are going to a formal meeting in a formal dress, these flats or sandals will not fail you and will make you appear even more exquisite than you already are.

  1. Low Heels for Women In Singapore-

Low Heels are lower in height than Kitten Heels or these heels touch the ground such as flat sandals, they are more like sandals which are why they are also known as Strappy Sandals but don’t be confused they aren’t sandals they are a type of heel but more comfortable than the others.

The best thing about these heels is that they are always in stock and available in the market, and they come in a number of colors, so you can select the perfect color for you while still enjoying the comfort it brings.

  1. Wedges Women Shoes in Singapore-

The wedges are something that we want you to get as well, which is why they are on our list. Wedges may be seen all across Singapore and beyond because of their popularity and the characteristics it provides to its user.

These kinds of women’s shoes are for ladies who do not want to wear high heels or mid-sized heels for whatever reason, and wedges have been stated specifically to meet their demands.

Don’t get us wrong: anybody can wear them, and they have that sleek style that everyone desires.

It should be noted that excessive partying in heels can cause foot pain, so if you have a lot of parties over the holiday season, be sure to vary things up and alternate between wedges and heels; not only will your feet thank you, but you can create a fresh look for each event.

Wedges or even wedges espadrilles are easier to walk in than most people imagine, and you’ll love the extra height they give without hurting your feet. Choose a classic black pair to add a bit of sophistication to your look, but don’t be afraid to add some color and detail. Wedge heels look great with your favorite party dress or a pair of fashionable jeans.


There is one thing that we would want you to keep in mind.

New Year falls in the winter season, depending on where you live, you could be witnessing either chilly cold weather or snowy weather.

If you go for the above shoes in extremely cold weather where you wouldn’t be comfortable if you are not covered from head to toe to avoid the snow then getting the above shoes for yourself would not be a good idea and we wouldn’t recommend you as well. But, if you are living in a place like Singapore where the winter season isn’t that harsh then you should definitely get these pairs of shoes and heel sandals for yourself and make yourself look better. Many often, people eat or go out without being adequately prepared for the cold, and as a result, they get sick and lose out on all the fun they had planned. As the last piece of advice for your anticipated celebrations, we encourage you to stay healthy by eating foods that will keep you well because as they say Health is Wealth. With the ongoing Pandemic going around in the world, we should be working hard to up our immunity with good healthy foods and vaccination. If you can, we want you to take care of yourself and others around you by being responsible for yourself first and others as well.

We hope that you enjoy the read. Thank you for stopping by 🙂