Can you imagine there was a time when eyeglasses were thought of as uncool? People used to dread getting an eyewear prescription – they thought it would look too nerdy. This was when eyeglasses were a simple optical tool. But nowadays, the perception of eyewear has changed. They have now achieved a position in this contemporary world that the definition of fashion is not complete without mentioning them.

Prescription glasses now come in different styles that change your look and mood, people have different frames for different occasions.

We always get excited when we get the chance to buy new glasses because we always want to change our look after every passing year so that our eyes can relish all the super amazing glasses and we are able to stand out from the crowd.

So this year also, I have brought for you a few shortlisted glasses online that are not only beneficial for your eyes but also make you look super stunning.

Tortoiseshell glasses

Tortoiseshell prescription glasses are the ones that give you a phenomenal look, they have revolutionised the eyewear concept by opting for distinct designs that have versatile instincts. These glasses go with every attire for every occasion. They truly represent the concept of “a frame for every game”.

They are made of acetate that is known for its durability and better eco-friendly credentials than plastic. And as far as the matter of shape is concerned, they come in all shapes that suit your face profile and enhance your features beautifully.

Oversized glasses

These oversized glasses give you a vintage look, they are famous for giving an intellectual aura. For those who want to represent themselves as a man of letters by his look, these elegant glasses are a perfect choice. Oversized reading glasses are the first choice for academics.

They are usually made of metal but are available in acetate too, each has its own individuality that helps you look wonderful.

These oversized prescription glasses can become the go-to glasses that will help you out when you are not in the mood to invest time in getting ready for your office or college. This will be enough to give you a prim proper look.

Cateye glasses

These cateye prescription glasses give you a bold look, their upsweep is actually their highlighted feature that has become the symbol of rulebreakers who rule the world on their own terms. If you want to look lively all the time then cateye should be your first choice. Most people prefer the company of those who have a rebel kind of personality plus are brave enough that should be shown in their confidence. These cateye glasses help you to look like one.

They come in both acetate and metal, acetate gives you a sturdy look and metal one smooth. These go with almost all looks but the party is something that is their strong suit.

Transparent glasses

These ‘go with every look’ glasses are the ones that never go out of style. Their design is very simple but when you wear them, you look fascinating in them, that’s their speciality.

These glasses are just like zero, individually they seem non-valuable but they enhance the value of everything with whom they are attached from dress to face. Everything seems perfect with these graceful glasses. They now also come in pastel colours that are known as translucent prescription glasses that add more colour to your lifestyle.

So get a move on and grab the pair that will gonna leave your amazing personality’s imprint on everyone’s heart!