Eyeliners are trendy; any makeup kit without eyeliners is simply incomplete. They come in a variety of forms, ranging from getting to liquid and pens. You can select one depending upon your skin conditions. These products are also sensitive and are vulnerable to damaging risks. Eyeliner boxes work effectively to enhance the shelf life of products and keep damaging risks away from them.

These eyeliners need extensive care during storage; otherwise, they tend to dry fast. They dry even at a greater pace than your use; thus, protecting them well is essential for the consumers. If you are worried about dried-out eyeliners, simply no need to worry, as today we will discuss some unique tips to revive your dried-out eyeliners.

Reviving the Dried Outliners:

Without any second thought, eyeliners are popular. From liquid to pens and gels, all of them are best in their opacity, portability, and precision. No matter how much expensive liner you select for your use, they are going to dry out. The liquid binder in them tends to dry faster, and you are left with a powdery mess that is simply useless.

You should immediately get rid of it and discard it, right? No, there is nothing wrong with reviving it as you can easily make it like new. You can easily follow some basic tips to revive these products and use them for a longer time as eyeliner boxes.

The drying process is natural, as the evaporation of water from a glass is left for a long time. It only depends on how you protect your products. Custom eyeliner boxes are not only for visuals but also serve you to protect your favorite liners from drying out. Here are some tips for you to revive your eyeliners.

Dried Out Eyeliner Pot
Dried Out Eyeliner Pot

Use Eye Drops:

Eyeliners tend to dry fast when left out in the pot. It can turn into a solid cake that is simply impossible to apply. Instead of throwing it away, you can easily revive it with a few eye drops. Simply grab over-the-counter eye drops from the market to start reviving your favorite eyeliner.

Take a sharp and pointy object such as a needle or toothpick to crack the solid cake. Once the cake is cracked and again in powder form, add few eye drops while mixing it. Mix the solution well until you get the desired consistency. It will be as new as one taken out of eyeliner boxes wholesale.

Shake It:

When it comes to pen eyeliners, they are loved by all consumers due to their ultimate precision and ease of use. The only problem with it is that it may reside inside the pen and never come out once dried. It is a wrong perception; if you shake a pen liner, you can listen to the sound of a metal ball.

These eyeliners precipitate in pen and lose their consistency. Manufacturers also use printing for eyeliners to instruct the consumers about the right usage of the product. You just need to shake the pen liner well before using it. It will help you to get the right consistency and apply the liner with ease.

Run Around:

Sometimes it is not the liner but only the tip that is dried out. One of the best ways to revive it and make it new as the one unboxed from custom printed eyeliner boxes is by rubbing it. You can rub the tip of your dried-out eyeliner on the back of your hand until eyeliner shimmers.

While using brush-tipped eyeliners, you have to be a bit vigorous to get better results. For some other kinds of eyeliners, such as felt-tipped ones, you also have to place them for a little time under warm water and then gently run them on a paper towel until they are fully revived.

Revive your Eyeliner
Revive your Eyeliner

Hot Water:

If you are not storing the products in their wholesale eyeliner packaging, they tend to dry fast due to non-ideal room temperature, the tip side being down, and many other factors. The eyeliner can get lumpy in such conditions, and it becomes highly difficult to use is. One of the best ways to revive such products.

Are by placing them in a bowl of hot water for few minutes. You should keep the product firmly capped, so the excess water does not enter it. Place the upside-down for few minutes, and then give it a gentle shake. This can help you get a perfect eyeliner with the right consistency.

Body Moisturizer:

While talking about cream-based eyeliners, they are highly sensitive, and you will never desire to ruin their color. One of the best ways to revive them is to grab your unscented body moisturizer and add few drops in the pot. Use brush liner to mix the moisturizer and keep it in customized packaging to avoid further damage.


Sometimes liners are dried to such an extent that they need more like surgery to revive them. Talking about pen liners, you have to cut them open and take the ink rob containing dried liner. Take warm water and dip the end directly in water for few seconds. Once you see the water absorbing up the rod, remove it from water and blot it on a paper towel.

Use the glycine:

If you don’t have eye drops, you can make the products just like new ones by using glycine for the same purpose. Simply take one-part glycerin and one-part water. Add it into liner pot and mix well. Moreover, also never forget to keep the products in custom packaging as it helps to protect them well and keep the risks of damage away from products in an ultimate way.