I am a full-time mom who loves to maintain a small blog that has a little bit of everything. From daily life hacks to beauty tips. I also share my experience being a mom to my twin daughters who have now reached their teenage. My beautiful daughters are my life and a huge part of both my online and offline world. Having teenage daughters can be a handful with all the mood swings and drama. Especially when you’re a Pakistani living abroad, shopping for their clothes is a whole different drama.

As you know, it’s not very easy finding good eastern clothes in the UK. It even harder when you’re looking for Pakistani kids clothes for girls. You won’t find good variety or designs and when you do, they can be quite expensive. So recently I was going through one of those dramatic episodes when my daughters needed girls dresses Pakistani for an upcoming family event. During this storm I came across an online brand and for once me and my girls agreed upon some dresses.

There was such great variety available for us to choose from it was unbelievable. And the prices were very much affordable. Great design and prices combined;it was nothing I had ever seen before in the UK. I am talking about the online brand called Libas e Jamila.

So Much Variety in One Place

I was literally in awe of everything I saw there. From wedding dresses to party outfits, casual every day clothes and so much more. For a minute I totally forgot that I was there to order for my girls and not for me as I kept on going through all the collections.

You can find great designs of Pakistani clothes for any season and any occasion. You name it! They have both summer and winter variety with such cute designs it’s unbelievable.

Variety That Comes with Quality

You must be thinking that such brands sell low quality products disguised in good design, right? Well that’s where you will be wrong. I was a bit scared of getting bad quality at first as well. But when I did receive the products, I was totally amazed by how wonderful everything was.

Starting from the fabric, it was just pure love. It was so fine and superior in quality. You could totally tell by holding the dress in your hand that it’s made of such great material. And also stitched to perfection. There was nothing I could complain about. Even the embroidery on the dresses was so neatly done and looked absolutely gorgeous.

Sneak Peek Into My Order

Let me tell you a little bit about what I ordered from Libas e Jamila. The priority was getting one dress each for both my daughters. We ended up ordering nice shalwar kameez dresses with gorgeous embroidery on them with contrasting dupattas. Since it was winter so we went with these beautiful velvet dresses. The fabric was so soft and comfy but looked equally beautiful. They had all the sizes available and they fit perfectly.

For myself I ordered this beautiful saree in deep green color. It was the color that attracted me the most but after a closer look I was in love with the design as well. Just look at how elegance and gorgeous the banarsi pattern on the saree hem and pallu looks. The combination of green and gold is just to die for. The blouse had such a pretty embroidery on the sleeves that really enhanced the overall look of the outfit.

I love the quality of the Silk Georgette used to make this saree dress. It was neither too light, nor too heavy. Just perfect for any formal event or party.

My overall experience with Libas e Jamila was outstanding. They do make sure that the customer is satisfied in every way. From the affordable prices to the amazing quality, everything makes sure that you come back again for more.

If you are looking for some amazing Pakistani of Indian dresses for an event or just for everyday use, this is your place. You will find all the variety you need and so much more in just one place!