There are high chances you might have an innie? Belly button sticking out during pregnancy is a common feature and there is nothing to worry about it. You need to be aware of the fact that it happens to be a short term change. It has been observed that most women do experience a change in their navels around the second trimester of pregnancy.

When does your belly button pop out during pregnancy?

Sadly there is nothing in your power that you can do so that the belly button stops changing during the tenure of pregnancy. It has been seen that nearly every belly button pops out during the time of pregnancy. It could be like most of the pregnancy symptoms and at the same time happens to be a harmless one. But if the navel is getting irritated over your pair of clothes you can use a navel protector which is smooth and protects it. There are pregnancy protective gears like tummy shapers or protectors that can shield away the navel.

Is it expected that the belly button would go back to normal once the delivery is over?

Yes it is on expected lines that the belly button would restore back to its normal position a few months once the delivery is over. It could be lived in or stretched out with the passage of time. You can consider it as a privilege. A lot of mothers have not had their belly button and still gone on to have normal deliveries.

All about umbilical hernia during pregnancy?

In some cases a popped out belly button could point to the occurrence of an umbilical hernia. It does go on to replicate a small hole which appears in the abdominal hole that does allow the abdominal tissue to pass through it. In some cases it does go on to become protrude.

The umbilical hernia in most cases does occur at the time of birth. In new born it does appear on its own and the best part is that closes on its own as well.  If the hole is small and does not close on its own there is no cause of worry. This is till that point of time where the uterus goes on to put pressure which does cause the hernia to become visible and noticeable. Sometimes it does go on to become so big that a bulge is seen in the umbilical region. If you are expecting multiples the chances of an umbilical hernia does go on to increase considerably as well.

A soft lump could be felt around the region of your navel when you are lying down. In fact a bulge is followed under your skin. A pain is accompanied in the belly region which does become evident when you are active or laugh loudly.

It is suggested that you do go on to wear a belly band so that the umbilical hernia is not noticeable. In certain cases massage might be also an option.