There are numerous dental implant manufacturers around the world and each manufacturer wants to be an industry leader. This has led to continuous innovations in the field of dental implant technology. A good set of artificial teeth can make all the difference. This is not just for the purpose of smiling but also the impact it makes on boosting self-esteem and confidence. Having missing, unsightly looking or broken teeth can make it hard for people to express themselves clearly and effectively. As more people are realizing the importance of dental implants, manufacturers are also trying their best to get more customers. Here are some recent innovations in dental implants manufacturing and placement technology.

Computer-designed implants

The ultimate goal for every dental implant procedure is to have satisfactory bone stability. Crestal bone loss is still a concern even with the current state of dental technology. This makes a bone loss to pose a threat to the success of dental implants. With the ultimate goal in mind, dental practitioners have researched different approaches to take to avoid bone loss. Recent studies have shown a new development with dental implants that can encourage zero loss of bone with the usage of computer-aided manufacturing and design.

The technology strives to create duplicates of the patient’s missing teeth which can be replaced in the mouth. When the defective natural tooth comes out, the dental implant is then placed in the empty space. This technology offers patients a healing process that doesn’t have any symptoms. The best dental implant manufacturers near you can use this technology to ensure that your dental implant placement doesn’t lead to bone loss.

Antibacterial coating

This is another innovation in dental technology that has made it possible to develop antibacterial dental implant coating product. Although this innovation is not widely available, it will increase the durability of dental implants. Right now, dental implants can last for 20 years while dentures can last up to 7 years. When combined with a good oral hygiene regimen, it could lead to permanent dental implants that can last a lifetime.

Identical tooth replicas

We have already talked about the computer designed implants where implants are made to be identical to the tooth of the patient. One of the biggest concerns for patients is not whether or not dental implants will heal or fit correctly into the jaw. Their main concern is whether the implants will look like the rest of their teeth. With current innovations, dental design experts can replicate the exact appearance of the tooth of the patient. However, it can take some time to complete. For the patients, this means that they will have to book multiple appointments.

In one appointment, they will have to remove their natural tooth and the other appointment they will have their new implant placed. This can increase the healing process. Dental implant manufacturers can also use CAD-CAM systems to create an identical replica of the patient’s tooth. This means that the replacement will be implanted as soon as the natural tooth is removed.