Recent studies revealed that there is A level of dissatisfaction with unsatisfactorily state and condition of obtainable student accommodation facilities, the inadequacy of the prevailing facilities which has created high occupancy ratio and a couple of sanitation challenges has invariable led to over utilization of the available resources putting the facilities in deplorable conditions.

The fastest growing property sector at this moment is the Purpose- Built Student Accommodation (PBSA), attracting investors from everywhere on the planet. Students expect and wish a secure, technology-driven and high in quality student residence which can be their home distant from home. a neighborhood where they’re going to accelerate and eventually send to the important world to start out their careers.

To welcome these young adults in such an inspiring setting could also be employment that has got to be taken seriously. Avoiding these complaints will end up in happier students, therefore future tenants and a superb ‘customer’ (student) experience.

Offer your students a high quality co living environment as student dorm within the scholar home by bypassing these easy to beat concerns and your PBSA becomes a haul solver instead of a burden.


In order to live pleasantly, including study, you can’t have no disturbance or (loud) noise on your premises. Enabling enough space to focus should be the goal of your PBSA. Plenty of this agony that drives students up their walls is certainly going to be overcome with a few straightforward adjustments like allowing no noise during weekdays or ensuring apartments have timers installed.

Residential staff

The quality of your staff matters who represent your student hostel, need to be adequate, fast in response and especially, polite. To safeguard your student’s contentment, requests and issues need to be taken very seriously. Rude or poorly trained staff could also be an enormous annoyance for anyone entering your PBSA, not only the students. Make sure to possess a transparent vision on how you’d like your staff to behave and be clear the staff knows about student’s priorities.


Students usually don’t have tons to spend. Deposits that get refunded long after the 14-day range (which is usually absolutely the utmost for students) is one of the foremost complaints students (and their parents) have. Avoid a nasty (online) reputation by being clear on what to expect in terms of finance. Be transparent about timeframes, what deposits are often made and therefore the way students should approach this flow and you shouldn’t encounter any misunderstanding.


PBSAs are built to provide convenience so students should never get to leave with dissatisfaction, whether in regard to their social life or to review. A so-called ‘place beyond the bedroom’ is often PBSA’s are equipped with facilities like vending machines , swimming pool- and football tables, etc. These are completely renovated student residence including bathrooms and kitchens which enables the students to form a community where they’re going to specialize in their studies. Facilities like washing machines become a huge burden when there aren’t enough. Collecting the laundry, walking right down to the laundry room to hunt out all washing machines only to find those are already taken, walking back to undertake and try to do the same thing once more a few hours later could also be an enormous waste of time . Confirm these kinds of facilities are available in your room instead.

In short, students get relief with regards to offered facilities and an entire hygienic environment of co-living spaces as available in purpose built student accommodations.