You can go ahead and ask anyone what is the simplest ways they are taking to help keep the environment in its current state? The most common answer will consist of the following: Reuse and Recycle.

It is clear that reusing what we throw away and recycling plastic is an effective way to not only save the environment in the long run but also conserve non-renewable resources as well. With that information, the question arises, is it always a simple process? Well, no, not always.

This is why one should take proper steps when it comes to recycling plastic.With that being said, here are a few things you probably didn’t know about plastic recycling:

Both plastic caps and lids can also be recycled

Recyclers and leading skip service providers like Lake Macquarie Skips always recommend their clients to throw their unused plastic lids and bottle caps in the skip as well. The reason behind it is simple, to begin with – both plastic caps and lids are made using HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene. You should thank the advancements made in the processes that are used to recycle plastic. With this technology, not a single scrap of plastic goes to waste.

If you go looking, it is easy to find recyclable plastic goods in your home itself

Lets us take a moment and imagine a situation where you are on a hunt for recyclable plastic in your home – chances are really high that you would find almost every item is recyclable.

Homemakers, lend your attention to this section – most of the time you try your level best to recycle as much as you can when you are busy in the kitchen right? Well, how about starting out with the simple step of recycling the plastic containers for kitchen sink cleaners, bleach, dish cleaning detergent and plastic food packaging?

Most of the plastic recycling works are handled automatically these days

You don’t need to feel sorry for the people associated with waste segregation and recycling as most waste recycling plants are equipped with machines and robots. The sole reason behind this monumental shift is to make the process fast and more efficient. Typical automated tools and equipment installed in recycling plants consist of the following:

  • Logo recognising hardware that segregates plastic packaging at breakneck speeds
  • Equipment that has the capability to efficiently remove labels from PET bottles all the while keeping the plastic container intact
  • Robots that have LASER detection as well as infrared detection mechanism installed in them making detecting the different categories of plastic a breeze.

It is best to conclude this post with yet another interesting fact. Quick question – do you have any idea where all the recycled plastic goes? Well, it is used to manufacture the soles of your favourite sports sneakers or décor pieces that you are shopping online. On top of that, most online portals have added another filter in their search bars – recycled plastic. Next time you are on the hunt for some toys or general kitchenware, don’t forget to click on the ‘recycled plastic’ checkbox.