You have likely put more and more stuff in it whenever you felt like there was too much clutter in the house if you have had a self-storage unit for several years. Your storage space has gotten fuller and fuller and now you are not sure what is stored in there as the years have gone by. It can be hard to get to what you need when you need it as you have kept an updated inventory list.

If you already have a space and a bigger storage option then Storage units Michigan City can help you in finding the right storage options. There are a few easy steps that you can follow if you want to decide what to keep in the storage.

  • Pulling everything out of the unit

If your storage space is dilled to the brim with boxes, furniture, and more this step might not seem too easy. Pull everything out and looking at it is the best way to decide what you want to keep in the storage. This process can go rather quickly and you can even leave some boxes where once you know what is inside of them if you have labeled your boxes accurately. It is a good idea to pull it out, open it up, and see if what is inside is worth keeping if you see a box which is marked “Miscellaneous”.

  • Putting up items for sale

It might not be completely filled with family heirlooms and personal mementos when it comes to your storage unit. Being worth something, there could also be furniture, appliances, and more. Think about what you could sell that way while you are clearing up space in the unit and also making a few dollars in the process while deciding what to keep in the storage.

By posting it in the right place you will likely find an interest buyer as you might not think that the old record player which you have stored for several years is worth something.

  • Upsizing or Downsizing

You may decide to sell or get rid of several items when sorting through your storage space. You no longer need the size of the unit which you have and downsizing might be the best way in which you can go. You may also decide to keep some of your larger items, yet you will notice that they do not fit that well in the unit which you have or that they have to be stored on end or sideways in order to fit the space on the other hand.

You can store these items properly and have room for more items in the future by upsizing to a larger unit.

Whichever storage unit you use, you need to have in mind that they are secured. The items which are stored are secured enough in such facilities.