We all have heard about the term acne, commonly known as a pimple. Acne is a dermatological condition which may trigger due to severe conditions. Skin conditions are affected by it too. It is most commonly found among teenagers and young adults. Based on a survey or is seen that approximately we get 10 million cases per year in India. People all over the world judge and are being judged by the mark that acne leaves. Although there is nothing to worry since this too can be cured with the help of professional medication.

Causes Of Acne Formation Of Skin

An age may occur due to many reasons but there are four certain or main reasons behind their occurrence.

1. Excess oil production in the skin.

2. Bacteria causing problems.

3. Hair follicles clogged by oil and dead skin cells.

4. Excess presence and activity of a certain type of a hormone called Androgen.

The above-mentioned reasons are often seen to produce acne. Sometimes these acnes are caused due to germs that are incurred due to the presence of too much oil on the skin and thus using best soaps for acne prone skin is equally important.

Nature Of Acne Forming On The Skin

Acne itself has different nature of its own. Sometimes it is seen that one acne occurs and goes away automatically with time and instead comes back on the same spot again after a few weeks. Then again, sometimes it seems that the same arrives again but in a different spot than the before one.

Few types of acne leave scars and few don’t. Although it is indefinite whether acne might go away sooner or not.

Various Methods Of Treating Problems Of Acne

Acne is no more a threat nowadays. It can be cured easily with the help of certain medical processes. Even the scars or marks of this unwanted acne can be dealt with. Our science and medication have advanced a lot. There are many different ways of curing acne. Sometimes, when the acne is lighter and smaller one it can be treated with applying particular cream or lotion recommended by the doctor. But at times the acne grows bigger. In such times the doctor might give tablets to eat and use Scar Soap to change inner situations. The skin was be washed regularly and cleanliness is a must.

Sometimes laser technology is applied to the top layer of the skin to remove dirt that is clotted around the base of the follicles. Although, many suggest that this being a more risky idea.


Acne not only leaves a scar to the face but it also leaves a bad mark in the heart of the one bearing it. Often it is seen that teenagers get depressed because they are judged by others and this affects their lives. They think the acne mark makes their face look unattractive and this they exclude themselves from every good thing. Hence, it must be dealt with before its too late. Do not let a small and break someone’s hope ever this one should not judge people by the mark of acne.