No smudge lamination is one of its kind and offers multiple different benefits. When applied on the metalized boxes, it imparts uniqueness, versatility and makes them eye-catchy. No smudge lamination is quite different and unique from all other kinds of laminations. It is applied on the metalized boxes chiefly to keep them clean and transparent. It offers strength, rigidity, and protection to the metalized packages, which help in extending the life of printed pieces. It provides your boxes with prints that are water and tear or wear-resistant. It offers a unique opportunity to the designers, printing professionals, and marketers to remain on the top by standing out from the crowd. Let us have a brief look into the advantageous nature of these boxes.

No Fingerprints:

As the name implies, no smudge lamination prevents unwanted marks, stains, or smudges. The laminated surfaces of the metalized boxes produce smooth and shiny finishes without showing any kind of smudge. Adopting this type of lamination will impart a clean appearance to these packages. The dirty fingerprints which can reduce the visual appeal are kept at bay. So, it can be said that no smudge lamination is an ideal choice if you want a durable print finish. In the printing process of brochures, folders, and some other printed products like metalized packaging, which are prone to be touched, this kind of sheet can be used for unmarked and unblemished visibility. Usually, the darker printed areas tend to show up the marks of fingerprints. This sheet is an efficacious choice for these types of surfaces.

Barrier Properties:

There are three main kinds of damaging elements that are seen commonly during the storage or shipping process:

  • Air
  • Moisture, and
  • Dust

The metalized packages, when laminated with no smudge lamination, provide great resistance against all these harmful elements. During the long shipping processes over the sea-route or during the storage in wet areas, it provides moisture-resistance. Remember, it is only moisture-resistant and not water-resistant. Sometimes, the air can get inside the holes of the packaging to affect the original stance of the valuable products. No smudge lamination blocks all the air from entering inside the metalized box to save the precious items inside. Moreover, it offers a barrier or shields against dust particles, wear or tear to keep the metalized packages glossy and smooth.

Protection Of Printing:

There are many kinds of laminations that require some specific inks for printing. But, if you are selecting no smudge lamination for the metalized packaging, you would not need any special kind of inks for the printing process. It improves the visual appeal of the metalized packages by making the ink colors appear more prominent on the printed surfaces. It also ensures smooth and consistent printed surfaces, which, in turn, enhances the graphics. Furthermore, the printed inks take less time for drying up, which is the icing on the cake. The faster drying times will prove cost-savvy for your business. On the edges of the packaging where the printed stuff usually gets fade away, no smudge sheet is quite effective. This is because it keeps the printed stuff safe and intact even when scoring is performed on the edges of metalized packages.


No smudge lamination assists in improving the quality of metalized packaging by imparting stiffness and strength. The metalized packaging has to go through various phases, i.e., from making to storage to shipping. During all these phases, it has to bear different kinds of pressures and abrasive forces. To resist these pressures, no smudge lamination is an excellent choice as it keeps the packaging away from any type of shock. This sheet assists the packaging in holding the inside products firmly without dislocating. Moreover, it does not burn off solvents or requires no ovens to cure. Also, no water-based adhesive is used in its application process. This process helps in keeping the metalized packages flat and resistant to all the abrasive forces.

Interactive And Alluring Display:

As you know, the competition in the industry for more sales is becoming fiercer with each passing day. The businesses always look for different ways and tactics to produce more net revenues. The interactive and beautiful visibility of the metalized packaging can be ensured by the use of no smudge lamination. This sheet provides a perfect look at the packages by vivid visibility and alluring displays. This way, the perceived value of the metalized packages is heightened, and customers get impressed in the first-ever look.

To conclude, the use of no smudge lamination on the metalized boxes imparts them a beautiful and appealing look. This finishing keeps the stains and marks at bay due to its increased resistance property. It acts as a shield against the air, dust particles, moisture, and some other harmful elements. As a result, the metalized packaging appears more glossy, shiny, and smooth to the viewers.