According to polls in different countries, every third woman regularly diets. And every second resident has tried to lose weight at least once. At the same time, only 19% of people really lose weight, and only 5% achieve long-term stable results.

Many, on the other hand, gain weight after dieting. The thing is that many of the advertised methods are just fiction, and they cannot lead to long-term weight loss. We’ll tell you which methods you shouldn’t count on if you want to lose weight once and for a long time.

Ineffective Weight Losing Methods

1- Slimming And Activated Carbon

Losing weight with a miracle pill is the dream of many people. Activated carbon became one of such agents. According to this method’s adherents, weight loss with activated carbon is suitable for people who have digestive problems and various allergic reactions.

At the same time, the amount of cholesterol in the blood decreases, the body detoxifies, the liver and kidneys normalize. Many people believe that activated charcoal helps to speed up metabolism, which, in fact, leads to weight loss. You cannot use the drug for more than two weeks since it still leads to the loss of many valuable substances.

Doctors say that it is impossible to lose weight only thanks to activated charcoal. It does not know how to burn fats. Even if weight loss occurs with a diet using activated charcoal, it is only because sweets and flour products are limited in the weight loss program. In short, there is no magic pill for weight loss!

2- Alcohol For Weight Loss

Losing weight on alcohol is dangerous. Though it can help to reduce belly fats, however, the harmful effects of alcohol are far more than the positive ones. If you are thinking that you can quickly lose weight by drinking alcohol, you are at mistake. It is not a good idea, and you should drop it immediately.

3- Weight Loss On Buckwheat

The buckwheat diet is very tough and quite common. People believe that you can lose 10 kg in a week. In addition to buckwheat, you eat only apples and drink kefir with a fat content of no more than 1% in this diet. Fortunately, you don’t need to sit on it all the time. It is assumed that between courses, you need to take breaks for at least a month.

Doctors note that most people tolerate a strict buckwheat diet hard. If you limit the diet so much for more than ten days, a large deficiency of essential trace elements can form in the body. Another disadvantage of the buckwheat diet is that it is very easy to break off after it. There is simply no guarantee that the extra pounds will not return.

4- Diet Without Carbohydrates

Many popular diets suggest limiting carbohydrates in every possible way and getting calories mainly from protein products. These people believe that with a lack of carbohydrates, the body begins to break down fat since it needs to get the necessary energy from somewhere. And at this moment you are losing weight.  The side effects of low-carb diets are widely reported.

And in the long term, the liver and immune system get damaged by reducing the carbohydrates the body needs. Many studies confirm that low-carb diets are good for treating certain conditions, but they are not suitable for long-term weight loss.

5- Fast Weight Loss

Losing weight in a month, losing weight in a week, and even in 3-4 days – there are many options for fast weight loss. Fast weight loss has a short-term effect. It is almost impossible to keep it.

And the consequences of such an emergency weight loss often have to be eliminated already in a hospital setting.  The safe rate of weight loss per week is not that big. Without harm to health, you can lose weight by 450-900 grams per week.

6- Losing Weight Without Exercise

Many people want to lose weight without making any significant efforts. Is losing weight without sports effective only on one diet? Doctors say unequivocally – no.  Physical activity allows you to burn some of the extra calories, so you do not need strict dietary restrictions.

Also, exercise can increase metabolism, which is more conducive to weight loss. Without sports, when losing weight, the skin loses its elasticity and sags. It is the correct physical activity that will allow you to maintain a beautiful appearance.

7- Slimming In Thermal Shorts

For weight loss, people prefer special shorts and belts. They are made of dense fabric that keeps the heat inside. People believe that thermal shorts increase sweating, activate metabolism, which contributes to weight loss.

Experts say that all these effects take place. But after warming up, water evaporates, not fat. This is not the healthiest process for the female body.

8- Meals After 18:00

The notion that you cannot eat after six has become quite common. Many people believe that it is simply impossible to lose weight without it. In fact, nutritionists are talking about what to eat at the right time before bed.

They suggest making dinner 3-4 hours before bed, and you can drink a low-calorie cocktail 1.5-2 hours before going to bed.  For those who are losing weight, the total number of calories per day is more important, not the time when he/she will eat them.

9- Small Portions

Reducing portions for losing weight is of great importance. But, if the number of meals increases, it is unlikely that you will achieve the desired effect. With constant snacks, it is difficult to count all the food, and overeating is easy.

If you’re using foods with hidden calories, it’s very easy to go over your daily allowance. Therefore, you need to consider all the components – serving size, calories, and number of meals.


You need to track how much you eat, weigh yourself regularly, and limit your calorie intake. A food diary can be a good helper in this case. Also, do not expect too large and quick results from diets and nutrition systems. Short-term weight loss is always bad.