Money recovery suit works as legal assistance available to the person who has to collect the debt due to the error. Legal notice for recovery of money is a legal intimation between individuals, warning the other before any legal lawsuit is initiated to make the due payment. Legal notice for the recovery of money can be filed by anyone from a dealer to an employee, friends, tenant, company, bank, etc.

Legal notice for recovery of money is a legal intimation between parties, suggesting the other before any legal action is started to get the due payment. Legal notice for the recovery of money can be filed by anyone originating from a dealer to an employee, friends, tenant, company, bank, etc.

Filing a Legal Notice

A legal notice, a simple document, needs accuracy and precision and the use of specific language to guarantee the information sent across is right. A legal authority or an agent can assist in setting forth the legal notice as per order and phrasing it as expected for the particular issue.


  1. The first step is to draft a legal notice, with the result, the relief asked and a specific time frame (say, 30 to 60 days) to resolve the issue, and is to be written to the other party and sent through a certified AD post.
  2. After sending the notice, keep the copy of the receipt sent. This may be handy in case of registering for the court case.
  3. Wait for a given time, before the filing of the court case.
  4. Now, the person on whom the legal notice is written will have the above specified days to return with the notice or agree to the court agreement.

Although the other party may or may not respond to the legal notice, it is necessary for a person on whom the legal notice is asked to send a reply within the specified time. If not responded to notice, one may be at a loss of not following the law, and therefore, may give the other person undue advantage while appearing in the court.

Legal notice can be sent individually or personally too. One can draft a legal notice, and approve it before sending it to the opposite party. But, since wording, a legal notice is very important if the case enters the court, and calling of law under which you have raised the claim is essential, having a specialist in law to make the copies of the legal notice will work to your advantage.

The same refers to responding to a legal notice too. One may not know the suitable law to be used, to revert to the requirements required by the other party.

The legal notice format PDF is enlisted in the below section where you can find the legal notice for recovery of money.

NOTE: It is better to consult an expert before self-drafting a notice.


Legal Notice Format for Recovery of Money:

Ref. No……………. Dated ____, __________





Dear Sir/Madam,

Pursuant to the instructions from and on behalf of my client ___________________, through its _____________, I do hereby serve you with the following Legal Notice:

  1. That my client is a ___________ firm/individual under the name and style of M/s ______________________.
  2. That my client is engaged in the business of __________ of the ___ etc.
  3. That against your actual and valid order my client did your job work from time to time on a credit basis as you have to work a credit account in the account records of my client operated in due course of business.
  4. That my client-raised acts of each work performed for payment, although you have confirmed the receipt of such bills supported by my client.
  5. That despite accepting the liability of return of the main balance of Rs. _________/- you have been miserably failed to make repayment of the said amount due to my client from you carefully with an intent, hence you are responsible to pay the said principal balance sum of Rs. __________/- along with interest @ __% p.a. from the date of due till actual recognition of the said sum as is usually and commonly prevailing in the trade usages, which comes to Rs. __________/-
  6. Therefore you are likely to pay the whole amount of Rs. ________/- to my above-named client and my above-named client is allowed to recover the same from you.
  7. That my client asked you several times through telephonic message and by sending a personal messenger to your office for release of the said outstanding debt, but you have always been dilly holding the same on one pretext or the other and so far have not paid even a single paisa out of the said outstanding certain amount.

I, therefore, through this notice certainly call upon you to return to my client Rs. __________/-. along with future interest @ __ % p.a. from the time of notice till actual recognition of the said amount, together with notice fee of Rs. ____/- to my customer either in cash or by demand draft or cheque whichever mode suits you more useful, within clear 30 days from the date of receipt of this report, failing which my client has provided me clear guidance to file civil as well as a criminal action for recovery and other different actions against you in the competent court of law and in that case you shall be fully liable for the same.

A copy of this notice has been saved in my office for record and future plan of action.