80s costume is the best costume to wear to an 80s themed party. Many people don’t have an idea on what to wear during the 80s themed party because there are different types of costumes on the market. This blog contains the best tips on what to wear.


Are you going to be a musician in the party? Then you should pick a costume that will stand out. You can decide to be prince and you will only need a pencil-thin moustache. You will also need gel in your hair and a frilly white shirt. You can put on a purple velvet coat.

Lydia from Beetle juice

Winona Ryder used to be very popular. She was recognized as the angsty teenage Lydia. For this costume to be perfect, you will need a layered and a flowing misshapen black clothing, back boots and a lot of mascara. You can get this complete 80s costume online or you can buy separate shorts, a Beetletjuice toy or doll and spiky black hair.

Alex from Flashdance

This is an iconic personality and can be easily recognized. This is suitable for people who prefer to wear no pants. You just need a longer sweatshirt and you’ll be good to go. You will need a long sweatshirt that has collar cut out. The collar cut should fall off your shoulders.

Joan Jett

Many people think of Madonna when thinking of the high-profile female musicians in the 80s. You can be unique from everyone else by choosing Jett. She is a fiercer choice. You will need straight hair that is spiky. The most preferred colour of hair is black. You should also get a heavy eyeliner for this 80s costume. Get a leopard-print scarf around your neck and a leather jacket. You might also put on a pink blazer and leather pants.