If you are planning to purchase a new laptop or if you want to replace your old laptop with a new one, then you should learn about the tips to clean your laptop and keyboard. This should be done even if you have just bought the new device because doing this simple task will extend the life of your laptop by preventing it from getting damaged easily. Laptop maintenance refers to paying attention to small things that might damage your laptop and reduce its useful life.

The screens of laptops become very dirty in many ways from regular use, and thus, many wonder how to clean a laptop screen. It needs frequent cleaning as when using the laptop, it stays open for a long time and during that, a thin layer of dust lies on the screen which becomes smudged even if the laptop is closed. The friction created between the keys on the laptop and the screen causes smudges. In some cases, smudges remain perpetually on the laptop.

Here are few tips to clean your laptop screen.

1. Clean Keyboard:

Cleaning the keyboard, you should clean the surface of any dust or grime so that you can clean the entire thing properly. Laptop and keyboard cleaning is not at all a hard job. All you have to do is just close your computer down. You have to gently lay a large hand over the back of the laptop so as to gently “sanitize” the space where the keys are located.

2. Clean Daily:

The first is to make an effort to keep the laptop clean. Cleaning it daily will ensure that dust does not accumulate on the surface, which in turn helps to avoid smudges. Laptops, especially those made for use while the user is in motion should be cleaned daily, even if just for a minute. When you are done with typing, the cloth should be wiped off, as the dirt particles tend to cling to the cloth.

3. Cleaning Process:

It would also be advisable to clean the keyboard when you do the cleaning process. This ensures that no dust or dirt is remaining on the keyboard, which might cause malfunctioning of the laptop later. The first thing to do is to unscrew all the USBs and other cables from the laptop. The keyboard then needs to be washed using a soft stuff cloth. Ensure that all the cables are unplugged and switched off.

4. Apply Some Detergent or Sanitizer:

Another way to clean the laptop keyboard is to apply some gentle dish detergent and mix it with a cup of cold water, as this can sanitize it. Sanitizing the keyboard helps to remove the embedded dirt and grime. To clean the surface of the keyboard, mix some vinegar and water and brush it over the surface, to remove the grime.

5. Chemical-Based Products:

If you own a notebook computer and want to clean it using a chemical solution, there are some products in the market that you can choose from. Some of them are labeled as “all-purpose cleaners”, which means they can be used for Laptop and keyboard cleaning just about any type of surface, even if it is not made of non-porous materials. Some other chemical-based products are more effective than others, so you need to read the label very carefully. Remember that even though your laptop was once made of plastic, sometimes it can still absorb chemicals even after it becomes new.

6. Mechanical and Chemical Method:

When you own a Toshiba laptop that requires special attention in terms of cleaning, you can choose between two different methods – the mechanical or the chemical method. For mechanical cleaning, you need to use distilled water and a clean cotton cloth. Mix some distilled water with some alcohol and gently rub the laptop’s exterior. Wipe the surface dry, then rinse it with distilled water. You can also mix distilled water and a small amount of elbow grease and apply it to the laptop’s exterior to clean it.

7. Use Microfiber Cloth:

You have to clean the device with a microfiber cloth to remove dust and dirt. You can use a clean dry cloth or an old towel. By using these tips to clean your laptop and keyboard, you will notice that there is no longer any accumulation of grime or dust in the device and that your machine operates more smoothly. In case you have some deep-rooted stains on your keyboard, then you should try out using liquid detergents and soft cloths in order to remove them.