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Laravel now has 51192 ratings on Github. The following image illustrates the current number of websites built with Laravel.

1) Authentication Technique:

Laravel’s PHP framework simplifies the deployment of authentication procedures. Almost everything is configured in an unusual manner. Additionally, Laravel simplifies the organisation of authorisation logic and the control of resource access.

2) Object-Oriented Libraries:

One of the primary reasons that Laravel is the greatest PHP framework is because it comes pre-installed with Object-Oriented libraries and a slew of other libraries that are not included in any other popular PHP framework. The Authentication library is one of the pre-installed libraries. While it is simple to create, it has numerous advanced features such as active user checking, Bcrypt hashing, password reset, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) security, and encryption. Framework for PHP:

3) Artisan:

Laravel provides a tool called Artisan for building applications. Typically, a developer interacts with Laravel via a command line that establishes and manages the Laravel project environment. Laravel has a command-line tool named Artisan. This technology enables us to automate the majority of boring and repetitive programming activities that the majority of developers avoid performing manually.

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4) MVC Support:

Another reason Laravel is the greatest PHP framework is that it, like Symfony, supports MVC architecture, which ensures separation of logic and presentation. MVC aids with performance optimization, enables improved documentation, and includes a plethora of built-in functions. This is how Laravel’s MVC architecture works.

5) Security:

While designing an application, everyone must consider a variety of different factors that contribute to the program’s security. Laravel secures its framework. It employs salted and hashed passwords, which ensures that the passwords are never stored in plain text in the database. It generates an encrypted representation of a password using the Bcrypt hashing technique. Laravel employs prepared SQL statements, which eliminates the possibility of injection attacks. Additionally, Laravel provides a straightforward method for escaping user input in order to eliminate user-injection of the script> element. Laravel includes the following security features:

6) Migration of Databases

One of the most frustrating aspects of development is keeping the database in sync between development workstations. It’s quite simple with Laravel database migrations. After long work hours, you may have made numerous modifications to the database, and MySQL Workbench, in our opinion, is not an ideal tool for synchronising databases between my development workstations. Here comes Migrations. As long as all database work is contained in migrations and seeds, you may quickly move the changes to another development computer. This is another reason why Laravel is the greatest PHP framework available.

7) Outstanding Tutorials (Laracasts):

Either you or your developers need to improve their knowledge in order to give more. Unlike other frameworks (Codeigniter, Yii, CakePHP, etc. ), Laravel includes Laracasts, a collection of free and paid video tutorials on how to use Laravel. Jeffery Way, an excellent and experienced instructor, created all of the videos. He appears to have his finger on the pulse of the essentials and provides succinct guidance. The production value is excellent, and the lessons are well-planned and meaningful.

8) Templating Engine for Blades:

Laravel’s Blade templating engine is extremely intuitive and greatly simplifies working with the traditional PHP/HTML spaghetti, making it one of the framework’s greatest features. If you’ve ever had to slice up an if statement that contained HTML, you understand precisely what I mean. However, with blade, it’s nearly effortless. This is how it works:

9) Appropriate Interface

Responsible Interface is a new feature introduced in Laravel 5.5 in August 2017. It is a class that is used to implement the interface that the controller method returns. Following that, when creating the response from “IlluminateRoutingRouter”, the router will look for an instance of Responsible. We shall demonstrate a non-implementation of the Responsible interface in the image below:

The figure below illustrates the code for a class after it has implemented the Responsible Interface:

In the preceding example, users can automatically respond with JSON if the request was made over AJAX; otherwise, it would redirect to the path “”.