Once you invest in an elegant sequin dress Australia, it is important to take good care of it. Sequins on fabric need special attention when washing to prevent damaging the dress or fading the sequins. You should also ensure that you prevent unravelling of the thread that holds the sequin in place while washing the dress. The following tips will help you take good care of your sequin dress when washing it.

Use gentle washing powder

When washing a sequin dress in Australia, use small soap flakes or gentle washing powder. Add them to warm water in a basin and move around to make sure the flakes or the detergent are thoroughly dissolved in the warm water.

Hand wash the dress

Using a clean basin, hand wash the dress. If the dress is not stained, you can turn it inside out before you start washing. Avoid rubbing and squeezing the dress while washing. Instead, swish the dress through the warm water gently. Rather than rubbing the entire dress, try to focus your attention on the actual stains on the dress. Turn the dress out the right way and dab at the stains where you see them.

Rinse the dress in cool water

Now that you have removed all the stains from the sequin dress, use cool water to rinse the dress until clean water comes out of the dress.

Do not wring out water

If your sequin dress that you brought online didn’t come with washing instructions, make sure you do not wring out water from your sequin dress. Your first instincts may be to wring water out of the dress like you always do when hand washing other dresses. However, this can damage the sequins. Instead of wringing the dress, let the dress drip dry for enough time and hang the dress to dry. You can also lay it on a flat surface to dry. If you lay it on a flat surface, wait for a few minutes and then turn the dress over to let the other side dry.

The best thing you can do for your sequin dress is to avoid the dryer and the washer. In order for the dress to dry, you should ensure that you lay it on a flat surface to dry. You can lay it over a towel so that it can soak excess water from the dress. If you do not have enough room to lay your dress out, you can make a drying rack.

Things to avoid

When washing your sequin dress, avoid using the washing machine because it can ruin your dress. You should also avoid mixing your sequin dress with other types of dresses. There is a high chance that you will not be wearing your sequin dress Australia frequently. If you are going to store your sequin dress for a long time, store it separately from other clothes. You can hang it somewhere or fold it nicely and then store it in a bag somewhere. Avoid mixing your sequin dress with other dresses.