What do you think is a better cup? A single-use plastic cup or a cup made out of totally recyclable material and which can be used repeatedly. Well, if you do not know what I am talking about, it is an aluminum cup.

Aluminum cups have become the first choice of people after it has been officially introduced in a famous sporting event like Super Bowl. After using the aluminum cups, the users’ reaction has been fairly positive, and therefore people have started to buy and use aluminum cups instead of using the old plastic ones. 

The problem with plastic

Each plastic cup can usually be utilized for once, and then it is thrown away. That is also what usually happens at famous beaches. People use the plastic items like bottles, cups, packing materials, etc. and then when these plastic bottles and cups are not required anymore, they are thrown into the sea. So the seas and oceans become the dumping station for plastics. But what we don’t consider is how these plastic bottles and cups or any other materials made out of plastic will affect the sea? Unfortunately for us, the effect has really been negative.

Sea creatures have started to suffer a lot because they are directly affected by the materials. Fishes, birds and other sea animals frequently come across plastics which they mistakenly consume with food or believing it to be their food. The aquatic life conservation official frequently comes across sea animals, fishes and birds that have been directly or indirectly affected by the plastic pollution in the sea.  

Best alternative solution: Aluminum cups

To reduce the harm done to the environment and the sea creatures, we have to come up with an alternative. And fortunately for us, we already have one. With the regular usage of Ball aluminum cups, we can reduce the wastage and harm done to the environment by a lot.


The best part of using the aluminum cups is that it is fully recyclable, which means no matter how many times you use the cup, it can be recycled again and again. We can also create brand new products of the same quality from the material. Moreover, unlike plastic that degrades over every recycling, aluminum’s inherent properties remain intact. So, it doesn’t matter how much wear and tear the aluminum cups go through, you will be able to create brand new products after recycling them. Also, as an additional advantage, the recycled aluminum gets available in the market within just 60 days.

Good with aesthetics

One of the cool features of aluminum cups is that they come with a classy metallic look, so in terms of aesthetics, aluminum cups are far better than normal red coloured single-use plastic cups. Also, if someone wants to attach their own logo into the cups, they can easily do it without spending extra money on purchasing vinyl. Because of the metallic surface of the aluminum you won’t need vinyl to colour the surface or attach any shoes or logos on the aluminum cups.

Aluminum cups come with more advantages than your normal single-use plastic cups, and most importantly, by using aluminum cups, you are contributing to a great cause that will help the future generations.