It is Mumbai, a city that has helped the dreams of so many young men and women from around the country to take flight. It is a city that has produced umpteen celebrities in the field of art, film, music, lyric and business in India. It is city that does not sleep; night is always young in Mumbai. Nevertheless, even this vibrant and rich city has its share of poverty, corruption, immorality and depravity. In fact, if opulence is one side of the coin then scarcity is the other face, be it in access to shelter, potable water, shelter, cleanliness or something else. Notwithstanding, the city has not lost its charm. It is dragging on with its load of rich and poor, moral and immoral, deprived and opulent, corrupt and honest. In fact, somewhere between the two extremes there is a balance. People in this city, irrespective of class, status, power or opulence, are in search for something that will help them focus on their jobs and gain mental stability. Many of them are trying yoga to achieve this and this has made yoga in Mumbai a very popular activity.


This ancient Indian idea is all about physical postures, breathing techniques and control over mind. In fact yoga is practiced to achieve unison of mind and body. This is the essence of its activities and meaning of the term. However, this is the ultimate aim, and only few can achieve this completely. However, even those that practice yoga every day under the guidance of a guru do achieve some improvement in their lives. People in the city, who are continuously in search of material pleasure and security, do achieve a sense of   calmness and peace by practicing yoga. The increasing number of yoga schools and participants is a testament to this. It is pertinent to point out here that there are so many yoga training centres and yoga schools in Mumbai. This number is also increasing year after year and yet there is no dearth of students wiling to learn the nuances of yoga. This only points to increasing popularity of yoga.

Yoga Mumbai benefits

Enhanced alertness

If you practice yoga regularly you will slowly become more alert about your surroundings.


Control on breathing is one of the most sought after attainment in yoga. If you learn how to inhale and exhale better and gain control over the action you can achieve a lot of control over yourself.  When you go on to practice yoga in a way it means stretching of the body with the help of various exercises. Your mind, body and spiritual side of things tend to fall on the same page.

Using energy efficiently

With regular practice of yoga, you will learn to use your energy more efficiently. This will help you become more productive.

Yoga is known to reduce the aspect of physical stress

Yoga is known to improve the quality of life and by this it means sleep and it is one of the best form of exercises which you can undertake with arthritis. In fact when you have too much issues in life it does go on to take a toll on the mental side of things. When you practice yoga on a regular basis it does lead to a reduction of stress.