In India there are several educational direction that a student may follow. However two of the most common career plansthat most meritorious student follow are either Medical or Engineering. However there is a third field which may not always be a student’s first choice but it is nothing less than the other professions. Infact it is a career that has been very well recognized from old times. Infact a lawyer’s stand is equal to any doctor in a society. Law is related to the legal and civil systems in a country. Thus it requires a complete awareness about the minor details and amendments in the system. Thus to know it one needs to study from the best law colleges in Delhi or the other major cities.  Having a mentor who can guide a student all the way and help him to understand his mistakes are an important factor in this profession. Finding a good professor with the level of knowledge and experience can help a student reach his destination easily and quickly. Infact Admission 24 can be a student’s first mentor towards this profession. It can help a student choose among various colleges by analysing his past and present scenarios.

Entrance Exams

Similar to that of Joint Entrance Examination, one needs to enter the law colleges through CLAT. It is no doubt a tough examination to crack. However most students are able to sail through it with proper preparation and time management. This is an exam conducted by twenty one National Law Universities in India and forty three other educational institutes and two public sector institutes. Apart from these institutes that accept CLAT score there are numerous others where a student can join without an entrance examination. However it is always advisable to join the institute only after getting the CLAT score. A student can appear for this examination after taking his Higher Secondary or class twelfth grade. This helps a student get into an undergraduate programme in law and later on he may do masters in the same subject. To appear for this exam a student must have the basic eligibility. He must be Indian or NRI and he must have a certain amount of basic marks in class tenth and twelfth.  Here are Top law colleges in Delhi

CLAT examination tests a student on five major subjects, English, General Knowledge, Quantitative Ability, Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning. Out of these the highest weightage is given to Legal Aptitude an the least to Mathematics. It is conducted similar to any of the competitive examination. After scoring the required marks for CLAT, a student gets admission into the best law colleges in Delhi. Admission 24 can help a student to understand the whole process clearly before applying for the CLAT examination.

Career Options after LLB LLB is a three year course. During the time a student learns about the various Legal systems, the constitution etc. There can be various further branches to this stream. A person can choose to become a civil lawyer, criminal lawyer, corporate lawyer etc. Moreover a student can choose to become a legal practitioner, government service agent, judiciary, teacher and many more after completion of LLB. It is always good that a person learns from the best law colleges in Delhi to have the  flexibility in career possibility.