Losing a tooth is uncomfortable and can even affect anyone’s self-esteem. Several years ago, removable teeth or porcelain bridges were placed to replace the missing tooth, but now dental implant treatment is introduced which is known as a safer and healthy procedure since there is no need to touch the teeth. In this article, we will talk about the importance of dental implants and why they are a necessity when it comes to dental restoration.

When a person loses one or more of their teeth, with time they may suffer from bone absorption, which causes the loss of the bone that supports the adjacent teeth, weakening the bite and disfiguring the face of the person. With dental implants, it is impossible for bone absorption to have a place, as its screw-shaped base supports and integrates with the bone. This, of course, prevents the accumulation of food residues causing bacterial plaque and cavities, as well as a bad appearance.

Top reasons you need a dental implant

Caries is dental disease, in which factors such as the intake of sugary or acidic foods, poor or poor dental hygiene, the pH of saliva, etc. are involved. These can irreversibly destroy the tooth enamel which leads to tooth decay hence in such a situation there is an urgent need to get the dental implants done to save the ascending tooth from damage.

When the bacteria that we have in our mouth, instead of destroying dental tissue, participate in the formation of tartar or calculus and this build-up in large quantity on the teeth, without being removed immediately, destruction is generated, also irreversible, of the bone that supports them and, therefore, the teeth become loose and can later be lost.

In both situations, dental implants are necessary as they replace the natural tooth and are made with materials such as titanium or zirconium that are compatible with the original bone after an osseointegration process in which both pieces are fused.

Dental implants are the best method to recover the beauty of the natural smile. They offer a stable appearance as they are made of porcelain, which is a material similar to that of a natural tooth so there is no way you feel awkward. Experts manufacture dental implant crowns according to the patient’s conditions, thus you don’t have contrast in shape, size or colour compared to natural teeth.

To know if dental implants are the best option in your case, a visit to London dental implant specialist is necessary. They have professionals specialised in oral surgery and implantology who will be happy to advise you.